The Wynberg Online High School provides a co-educational option for students still struggling for placement at a high school of their choice, and who’ve already adapted and embraced online learning, to be part of the Wynberg family in a values-based education system with the strong pastoral element for which WBHS is known.

Wynberg Boys’ High can currently accommodate only 200 of over 1800 Grade 8 applications annually. With a shortage of high schools in the Western Cape, the Wynberg Online High School provides an affordable, private option for students eager to embrace the benefits of asynchronous learning under the Caps curriculum.

Click on the image below to view the 2022 Information Pack containing subjects offered, fee structure, and the school ethos.

View the the 2022 Wynberg Online High School Information Pack

2022 WOHS Info Pack

Download the Wynberg Online High School Application for Admission form PDF

For more information, please email: OnlineSchool@wbhs.org.za