Wynberg Water Polo

Water Polo Overview

Wynberg Boys’ High School is recognised as one of the premier water polo schools in the country. The commitment and dedication of our team, coaching staff, and parents ensure we can perform at the top level of school water polo, producing exceptional players with a passion for the game. We offer water polo training to the students of Wynberg Boys’ High School in addition to students in the area, providing an excellent opportunity for players to develop, both in their sporting skills and with their interpersonal growth. We reserve the latter two terms of the year for the exclusive training of the Wynberg Boys’ sides to ensure we are able to consistently perform at the high standards for which we are recognised.

Coaches & Teams

The Director of WBHS Water Polo is Mr Ryan Weidemann, with Ms Siobhan Bruce as the Teacher in Charge. One of South Africa’s premier water polo schools, Wynberg has been a member of the Western Province Schools’ Water Polo structure since its inception. Our Boys consistently participate in the highest levels of competition throughout South Africa with Wynberg being recognised as a formidable opponent in the pool. We pride ourselves on providing an optimal development environment for all boys looking to play water polo, facilitated by our high calibre coaching staff, world-class facilities, and equipment. We operate a Junior Academy, School League Teams, and an Old Boys’ Water Polo Club.

Mr Ryan Weideman: rweidemann@wbhs.org.za
Mrs Siobhan Bruce-Cook: sbruce@wbhs.org.za