Standard Bank Wynberg Rugby Festival 2022

Welcome to Wynberg

On behalf of the Wynberg community, I would like to extend a warm word of welcome to all the schools participating in the 2022 Standard Bank Wynberg Rugby Festival! It is an honour and a privilege to welcome you to our beautiful campus and I trust that your involvement over the weekend will be an enriching experience.

The famous quote by the late Dr Danie Craven, namely that we can change South Africa on the rugby field, seems apt since it would seem as if schools, and school sports in general, are in the process of returning to normal after the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is, therefore, my wish that all players, coaches, and team managers use this opportunity to consider their involvement in this Festival with a new and changed perspective: focus perhaps more on enjoyment, forging new friendships, and making the most of the opportunities, than on the results of the fixtures.

A sincere word of thanks to our main sponsor, Standard Bank, for their involvement in this year’s Festival. They have been staunch supporters of the festival, even during the challenging times of the past two years, and without their financial support a Festival of this nature, in which 1500 schoolboys will be participating, will not be possible. We value our relationship with Standard Bank and trust that it will go from strength to strength in the future.

A special word of thanks to Mrs Jeanette Muller and her organiSing team for all their dedication and commitment in ensuring such a well-run Festival of this nature. I am very proud of your efforts! Thank you also to all the parents, visitors, referees, other officials, medical services, security, vendors, and other role players involved this weekend. We value your support.

Enjoy every moment of the Festival!

Deon Scheepers
WBHS Headmaster

Match Photos Day One

19B Durbanville vs Rondebosch
19B Duineveld vs Drostdy
19A Fish Hoek vs Jan van Riebeeck
19A Langa RC vs Bellville
19A Drostdy vs Durbanville
19A SACS vs Soweto RA
19A Rondebosch vs St Benedict's
19B Wynberg vs SACS
19A Bishops vs Duineveld
19A Wynberg vs St Stithians
16A Fish Hoek vs Wynberg 16B
16A Paul Roos vs Oakdale
16A Rondebosch vs Duineveld
16A Wynberg vs St Stithians
16A Bellville vs Drostdy
16A SACS vs Durbanville
15C Wynberg vs Van Riebeeck 15A
15A Paul Roos vs Oakdale
15A Wynberg vs St Stithians
15A Paarl Boys vs Drostdy
15A Bellville vs Paul Roos 15B
15A SACS vs Durbanville
15A Rondebosch vs Duineveld
14A Wynberg vs St Stithians
14A SACS vs Durbanville
14A Paul Roos vs Oakdale
14B Wynberg vs Bellville 14A
14A Rondebosch vs Duineveld
14A Paarl Boys vs Drostdy
14B Paul Roos vs SSDP 14A
13A SSD vs St Stithians
13A WBJS vs Hendrik Louw
13A Langa RC vs SSDP
13A Hendrik Louw vs Langa
13A St Stithians vs WBJS

Match Photos Day Two

19B Duineveld vs Rondebosch
19A Wynberg vs Soweto RA
19A St Benedict's vs HTS Bellville
19A Jan van Riebeeck vs Wynberg 19C
19A St Stithians vs Duineveld
19A Langa RC vs Wynberg 19B
19B Durbanville vs Drostdy
19B SACS vs Fish Hoek 19A
19A Bishops vs Drostdy
19A Rondebosch vs Bellville
19A SACS vs Durbanville
16A SACS vs St Stithians
16A Paul Roos vs Duineveld
16A Wynberg vs Durbanville
16A Fish Hoek vs HTS Bellville
16A Rondebosch vs Bellville High
16B Wynberg vs Paul Roos
16A Paarl Gym vs Drostdy
15A SACS vs St Stithians
15A Wynberg vs Duineveld
15A Bellville High vs Wynberg 15B
15A Paarl Gym vs Durbanville
15A Paul Roos vs Paarl Boys' High
15A Jan van Riebeeck vs Fish Hoek
15A Rondebosch vs Drostdy
14A SACS vs St Stithians
14A Wynberg vs Duineveld
14A Paul Roos vs Paarl Boys' High
14B Wynberg vs Paul Roos
14A Bellville High vs SSDP
14A Rondebosch vs Drostdy
14A Paarl Gym vs Durbanville
13A Langa vs St Stithians Prep
13A Hendrik Louw vs SSDP
13A Hendrik Louw vs St Stithians Prep
13A WBJS vs Langa RC