Wynberg Hockey

Hockey Overview

Hockey at Wynberg Boys’ High School started from humble beginnings in 1967 and has since grown to be a nationally recognised and respected hockey institution. Our state-of-the-art facilities, world-class coaching, and team ethos ensure that boys are exposed to the highest calibre of school-level hockey, allowing for immense development and achievement. Our active parent support base plays a significant role in ensuring that our students receive all necessary help to promote success and growth on the field. Our hockey players compete at a provincial and national level, with the sport at WBHS growing from strength to strength over the years.

U16 Nomads Festival 2023

Coaches & Teams

The sport is managed by Mr Devin Stanton, Director of Wynberg Hockey – ably assisted by Teacher-in-Charge, Mrs Courtney Joubert. Wynberg hockey players compete on multiple tiers. Players are exposed to fixtures at an inter-house, inter-school, regional, provincial, and national levels. Students may participate throughout their high school careers, with hockey one of the major sports offered at Wynberg Boys’ High. Wynberg has been featured for several years as one of the top 10 hockey schools in the country. Our high-performing teams attract players from all around South Africa.

We attribute our success to the unwavering dedication of parents, coaches, and students alike, enabling us to remain at the highest levels of performance nationally.

Mr Devin Stanton: dstanton@wbhs.org.za
Mrs Courtney Joubert: cjoubert@wbhs.org.za