Wynberg Basketball

Basketball Overview

From its humble beginning in 1990, Wynberg Basketball has grown from strength to strength, to become one of the school’s most consistently successful sports, and, as of 2019, Wynberg’s biggest summer sport.

Starting with 2 teams and 1 coach, basketball at the school has continued to outgrow its staff and facilities and now has 12 teams and 3 staff, and 9 outside coaches, operating on four outdoor courts.

The broad fixtures for Term One, home venue listed first – subject to change:

12 February: Wynberg D vs Bergvliet – U14, U16, U19; Courts C & D
12 February: Camps Bay B vs Wynberg C – U14, U16, U19
12 February: Wynberg B vs Camps Bay A – U14, U16, U19; Courts A & B
12 February: Wynberg A vs Rondebosch A – U14, U16, U19; Request that we play away

19 February: Wynberg C vs Rondebosch B – U14, U16; Courts C & D
19 February: Wynberg C bye – U19
19 February: Camps Bay B vs Wynberg B – U14, U16, U19
19 February: Wynberg A vs Westerford A – U14, U16, U19; Courts A & B
19 February: Michael Oak vs Wynberg D – U14, U19
19 February: Belhar vs Wynberg D – U16

Please note – fixtures for 26 February may be rescheduled

26 February: Wynberg B vs Settlers B – U14, U16, U19; Courts A & B
26 February: Wynberg C vs Herzlia – U14, U16, U19; Courts C & D
26 February: Westerford B vs Wynberg D – U14, U16, U19
26 February: Heideveld vs Wynberg A – U14, U16, U19

26 February: Wynberg 1st Team attend the St John’s Tournament in Johannesburg.


Wynberg hosts numerous Saturday tournaments during the course of the year including:

  • The Co-ed tournament: Where Wynberg joins up with Herschel Girls’ High and competes with numerous teams such as Bergvliet, Westerford and Grahamstown (St. Andrews and Diocesan School for Girls).
  • The under 14 tournament: A day filled with basketball, family, friends, food and most importantly, sportsmanship – with teams such as Rondebosch Boys’ High, Settlers High School, Bishops and SACS.
  • The under 16 and 19 tournament: Wynberg’s biggest tournament of the year with about 10 teams from all the top basketball schools from the southern suburbs and Grey High school.

Practice days

Under 14
Mondays: 15:00-16:30
Wednesdays: 13:30-14:30

Under 16
Tuesdays: 15:00-16:30
Thursdays: 15:00-16:30

Under 19
Tuesdays: 16:30-18:00
Thursdays: 16:30-18:00

Match day: Wednesdays

Dress for players at practice: 

  • White and blue Wynberg sports shirt
  • Blue Wynberg shorts with badge
  • Blue and white Wynberg sports socks
  • All available at School and Leisure
  • High top Basketball shoes. ( preferably white and blue)

Dress for players at matches: 

  • Blue and white Wynberg Basketball and kit (order from your coach)
  • Plain long white socks (1st team)
  • Blue and white Wynberg sports socks
  • High top Basketball shoes. ( preferably white and blue)

After a match, players are required to change into full school uniform or the school tracksuit.

Coaches & Teams

Our basketball team is overseen by Mr Mike Leresche. Wynberg hosts numerous Basketball Fixtures throughout the year, ranging from the Co-Ed Tournament, which sees Wynberg team up with Herschel Girls’ High School and compete nationally as well as at under 14, under 16, and under 19 tournaments. The latter tournaments are all inter-school fixtures and provide an opportunity for students to compete at a high level with top schools across the country, while also being a day of fun, family, and friends.

Contact Mr Mike Leresche: mleresche@wbhs.org.za

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