Wynberg Service

A Pillar of Humanity

Wynberg Boys High School prioritizes service, both in the school and to the wider community, understanding the importance to enshrine in all learners the need to give back. Boys are encouraged at all times to consider how they can contribute, both in the context of day to day school life and in the world. We actively facilitate the development of all learners in this way, and offer several qualifications and opportunities to allow them to further themselves in this manner.

Wynberg Awareness – ongoing courses and assistance

  • Gender awareness and respect
  • Saartjie Baartman Centre for Abused Women
  • Rape Crisis
  • Period Project
  • Animal Abuse – SPCA, TEARS, DAWG, Aid 4 Animals in Distress

Ongoing Outreach Projects

  • B’nai Brith One2One.
  • Marshalling at the Two Oceans Marathon.
  • Sandwich Making for Haven Night Shelter, Capricorn Park Primary, and supported schools in the area.
  • Soup Making to assist other schools with their feeding programmes.
  • Sisanda Fun days/Connect
  • Interact Workshops
  • Annual Pudding Mix

School Service & Support

  • Sound and Lighting
  • Academic Evening helpers
  • Academic Institute/Study Group Tutoring
  • School event assistance
  • Security Detail
  • Ladies’ Association

Wynberg Outreach

Service to others – both at school and in the wider community – is prioritised at Wynberg Boys’ High with a Vice Principal of Service, a Service Prefect, and a Service Committee making sure that boys get ample opportunities in this field. Boys are encouraged to be of assistance wherever possible at school.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose” – Jim Elliot


Representative Council of Learners

Teacher in Charge: Ms Bulelwa Mhlomi

The Representative Council of Learners ( RCL ) is a governance structure of learners as stipulated in the SA Schools Act, 1996 ( Act 84 of 1996). It is the link between the school and the management of the school along with the governing body. 

  • The RCL is the body responsible for the creation of fine leadership hence why the RCL is also responsible for the encouragement of Active Citizenry. 
  • The RCL must model and assist in the upholding of the school’s values and ethos so as to help learners to conduct themselves in a courteous and responsible way. 
  • It is the duty of the RCL to ensure that the learners they represent subscribe to the code of conduct of the school. 

The RCL is the voice of the school. It is our job to make sure that any suggestions, complaints, problems or ideas from the students for practically anything related to the school, are heard and discussed. It is then our job to take action on these matters and to do our best to follow through with the good ideas and suggestions and to solve any problems or issues at hand. 

RCL Prefect – Thomas Hugo

The RCL prefect is in charge of the overall running of the committee. He chairs the meetings and ensures that every aspect of the committee runs efficiently.

Deputy Chairman – TBA

The deputy chairman does various tasks with the RCL prefect. In the prefect’s absence, the deputy chairman chairs meetings and takes on all the roles of the RCL prefect.

Head of Communications – TBA

The head of communications is responsible for promoting the RCL. He is in charge of running the RCL notice board and making sure that the school stays informed with what the RCL’s projects are. He also plays an important role in getting boys to come to the RCL meetings and give ideas and voice their opinions.

Head of Projects – TBA

The head of projects is in charge of heading up all the projects which the RCL undertakes. He will report back, on the successes and points of improvement of the projects, on a regular basis. He ensures that the projects are carried out efficiently.

Head of Representatives – TBA

The head of representatives is responsible for ensuring that the RCL representatives from the various other committees are attending RCL meetings and reporting back to their committees.

Secretary – TBA

The main vision of the RCL is to work with and for the school. The RCL is devoted to promoting positive change in the school and we are always looking to improve the school in any way possible for the benefit of all students. We are willing to do our utmost to make a difference. 

The biggest factor keeping the RCL going is the students of the school. Without the students, the RCL would not be able to function and that is why we want to do our best to work with the school in every way possible and to communicate with the school constantly. 

  • We will continue to motivate each and every student to live up to the standards of a Wynberg man
  • We will keep motivating each student to respect and take pride in our bathrooms
  • We will do our utmost to serve the school to the best of our abilities in every way possible
  • We will improve the communication with the school in the form of more RCL assemblies (at least 1 or 2 a term) where boys can voice their opinions and ideas, and we will promote proper communication by using RCL representatives. This is vital for the RCL as they are the links with the rest of the committees
  • We will improve the school’s knowledge of the RCL’s activities by doing regular report backs on the progress of certain projects and tasks
  • We will make sure that the RCL notice board and the RCL website section is kept up to date and relevant.
  • We will make the RCL itself as efficient and productive as it can be, by keeping what works well and changing what doesn’t.
  • We will do our utmost to make a difference in not only the school but in the community.
  • To make sure that every suggestion is heard and discussed in the committee meetings.
  • To always get the school’s opinions on major projects through surveys.
  • To make sure that proposals are written up properly, and that they are put through in the best way possible to ensure that we can deliver results
  • To come up with successful and innovative solutions to problems.
  • To provide every student with the opportunity to participate in school governance and decision making.
  • To make the RCL more approachable by the students, by continuing the goal of taking the RCL to the school.
  • We will keep motivating each student to respect and take pride in their school grounds by promoting the No Litter and Making Wynberg Green Campaign.
  • To work on the solid foundation laid by previous prefects and to reinforce this foundation for future leaders and committees of the school.
  • To produce leaders of a high standard for the future of the school and country.
  • To not only deliver results during the committee’s term but into the future.
  • To ensure that the input of our students leaves the RCL and the school stronger.

Discover your potential

Wynberg Boys’ High School is committed to exceptional education, academic innovation and discovering the potential in each and every learner. Our modern facilities, expansive opportunities and tradition rich values ensure that each learner is primed to unlock his potential, ensuring that he goes on to become an exceptional member of our society.