School Shop

Trading Hours:  Wednesday 14h00 – 15h00, or as advertised in the Weekly Newsletter

Run by volunteers co-ordinated by Mrs Sandra Monk during term time, the shop is a useful resource for parents to help reduce the cost of buying new uniform items. Uniform stock is all high quality at reduced prices, but subject to availability.

Parents may drop off unwanted and out-grown uniform items at Reception, the Student Help Desk, or at the School Shop.

We accept donations of all Wynberg Uniform pieces, including sports kit.

Our Wynberg Supporters’ Kit, clothing and collectibles for our Wynberg Family and Old Boys, is available during normal shop hours. 

Supporters’ Kit

All goods are available from our School Shop at the advertised trading hours during term time, unless otherwise advised.

For more information, or to place orders, please email

Rugby Book

R495 - 25 Great South African Rugby Schools

Rain Jacket

R480 - Padded rain jacket with hood, unisex, sizes S - XL


R150 - Peaked cotton sports cap

Book Bag

R380 - Official students' backpack


R320 - Windproof golf umbrellas


R60 - Unisex light-weight bandanna / scarf


R325 - Unisex cotton hoodies, sizes S - XL

Supporters Socks

R50 - Emblazoned with the elements of the school badge, Sizes 4 - 7 & 7 - 11; navy blue

Recipe Book

R100 - A glossy, full-colour collection of recipes gathered from our Wynberg Families to reflect the diversity of our cultural cuisine. A must have for every kitchen.


R300 - McNaughty was born in 2016 as part of our 175th celebrations; each individually hand-made locally and sporting a piece of Wynberg's official tartan, all proceeds from these teddy bears goes to an Cape Town-based skills development project.

Bumper Stickers

R10 - leave those behind you in no doubt who you support!

School Uniform

All items are available from our official stockists, School and Leisure, except swimming costumes and cricket uniforms.

School and Leisure

Rondebosch Main Shopping Centre C/O Main & Belmont Roads Rondebosch Cape Town Phone: 021 686 1541

GeckoMoon Promotions

Swimming costumes only
Mary Poppins PreSchool
Cavan Close
Phone: 082 921 0778
erika (@)

D&P Cricket Brand

Cricket Whites
Unit 3A, Royal Cape Park
Londonderry Road
Phone: 021 762 0080
info (@)

Summer Uniform

Khaki shorts with khaki socks (or charcoal longs with black or charcoal socks); white shirt (long or short sleeved); navy blazer with school badge; black shoes; school tie; belt.

Winter Uniform

Long charcoal trousers with black or charcoal socks and a belt; white shirt (long sleeved); navy blazer with school badge; black shoes; school tie; belt; regulation grey or blue pullover school jersey.

School Shoes

Black lace-ups, with rounded toe caps. Grasshopper-style footwear is not acceptable.

Please note: Either winter or summer uniform may be worn as appropriate for the weather on the day.  On all formal occasions (Prize Giving, Valedictory, School Excursions, etc.) winter uniform is worn irrespective of season and weather.

Physical Education Kit

Blue Wynberg shorts

White Wynberg PE golf shirt with navy collar

Rugby Kit

Striped blue and white Wynberg Rugby jersey

White rugby shorts

Hockey Kit

2021 match kit available from the school hockey department.

White sports shirt (Navy collar).

Hockey shorts (Navy sports shorts).

Hockey socks

Cricket Kit

Longs and shirt from DP.

White and blue PE shirt.

Blue shorts (New)

Wynberg cricket cap

Water Polo / Swimming Kit

Blue and white striped speedo

Blue Wynberg shorts

White Wynberg PE golf shirt with navy collar

Basketball Kit

1 x navy & 1 x white shirt

Navy shorts

Soccer Kit

White sport shirt

Blue Wynberg shorts

Blue Wynberg sport socks

Golf Kit

Cream/beige long chinos

Whites sports shirt (navy collar)

1st team – navy blue golf shirts

Athletics Kit

Athletics vest

Athletics shorts

Squash Kit

All boys except 1st team players wear a WBHS sports shirt (white with navy edging) and navy blue shorts.

1st team –  blue and white striped sports shirt

White socks

Tennis Kit

White sports shirt

Blue Wynberg shorts

Navy Wynberg cap