Matric Valedictory

2020 Matric Prize Giving & Valedictory

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Prize List – October 2020

Academic Prizes

SD = Subject Distinction

One Certificate
Isa Ahmed (SD in EGD), Orion Barker (SD in Geography), Noah Bennett (SD in Accounting), Zachary Carstens (SD in Accounting), Yas’aa Davids (SD in Accounting), Lezane Davis (SD in Afrikaans), Isa Ebrahim (SD in Mathematics), Noel Glintenkamp (SD in Physical Science), Luke Heath (SD in Accounting), Ghumaid Jaffa (SD in Geography), Ewan James (SD in Geography), Sebastian Lanz (SD in Geography), Liam Lawrence (SD in History), Phillip Masango (SD in Afrikaans), Khaka Nyiba (SD in IT), Daniel Osler (SD in Geography), Ethan Piper (SD in History), Justin Pollock (SD in EGD), Juan Sargeant (SD in EGD), Jordan Sasman (SD in EGD), Nicholas Swart (SD in Geography), Michael Taylor (SD in EGD), Michael van Schalkwyk (SD in History)

Two Certificates
Michael Buckingham (SD in English and IT), Thomas Burke (SD in English and History), Daniel Denton (SD in English and Afrikaans), Sipho Dyonase (Subject Prize in isiXhosa and SD in History), Joshua Johnston (SD in Mathematics and Physical Science), Jared Jutzen (SD in Mathematics and EGD), Aaron Philander (Subject Prize and SD for Visual Art), Joshua Thomas (SD in EGD and History), Ethan Welby-Solomon (SD in English and Life Science)

Three Certificates
Layton Abrahams (Templeton Prize for Music and SD in History and Music), Tristan Burnell (Eric Tasker Prize for History and SD in English and History), Keanu Gelderblom (SD in Afrikaans, Mathematics and EGD), Jed Mouton (SD in English, Mathematics and Geography), Corbin Ras (Subject Prize for Mathematical Literacy and SD in Afrikaans and Mathematical Literacy)

Four Certificates
Uzayr Chilwan (SD in Afrikaans, Mathematics, Electronics and Physical Science), Rameez Davids (SD in English, Afrikaans, EGD and Life Science), Uzair Gire (SD in Mathematics, EGD, Life Science and Physical Science), Aiden Harris (SD in Mathematics, Accounting, Life Science and Physical Science), Mu’aaz Kasker (SD in Afrikaans, Economics, IT and Physical Science), Adrian Krantz (Templeton Prize for Music and SD in EGD, IT and Music), Mohammed Zayd Louw (SD in English, Afrikaans, History and Physical Science), Rushdi Magiet (SD in Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD and Life Science)

Five Certificates
GT Bang (Subject Prize for EGD and SD in Mathematics, EGD, Life Science and Physical Science), Christopher Cresswell (Subject Prize for AP Mathematics and SD in Mathematics, Accounting, EGD and Physical Sciences), Yusuf Kathrada (SD in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD and Visual Art), Stephen Lang (SD in English, Mathematics, Accounting, Economics and Life Science), Theolan Marimuthu (SD in English, Mathematics, IT, Life Science and Physical Science)

Six Certificates
Furqan Booley (SD in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, EGD and Physical Science), Ayoub Rawoot (SD in Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD, Electronics, IT and Physical Science)

Seven Certificates
Jared Godfrey (Subject Prize in Accounting and SD in Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, IT, Life Science and Physical Science)

Nine Certificates
Sebastian de Klerk (WE Bowden Prize for Mathematics; Alf Morris Prize for Geography and SD in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Geography, History, Life Science and Physical Science)

Grade Pizes

3rd in Grade 12
Reyaaz Martin (Aggregate Points: 634)

DF Marais Prize for Afrikaans; Subject Prize for Electronics and SD in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD, Electronics, Life Science and Physical Science

2nd in Grade 12
Tomas Cupido (Aggregate Points: 635)

RM Friedlander Prize for English; WE Bowden Prize for Mathematics; Subject Prize for Life Orientation; Subject Prize for AP English and SD in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, AP English, Economics, Life Science and Physical Science

1st in Grade 12
Yashveer Ramklass (Aggregate Points: 636)

Martin Cleveland (Dux) Trophy; Subject Prize for AP English; Subject Prize for Economics; Subject Prize for IT; Subject Prize for Life Science; FG Thorp Prize for Physical Science and SD in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, AP English, Economics, IT, Life Science and Physical Science

Gerald Abelsohn
First awarded in 1965, the year he was a prefect.

Bob Adshade
Bob was a pupil at both Wynberg Boys’ Junior and High Schools from 1943-52. He was a bugler in the highly successful High School Band and after matriculating set up a successful photography business, being responsible at one time for our annual school photographs. He died tragically in 1999 and his widow and son Robert, also an old boy of Wynberg, have presented the trophy in his name.

Wade Bertram
Wade was killed in an accident during his matric year (1990). While not a prefect, he was a good leader who set a fine example to the rest of the matric class and the school.

W.E. Bowden
William ‘Bill’ Bowden was Headmaster and a Maths teacher from 1947 until 1964.

Vernon Carmichael
The Carmichael family, of which the late Mr Vernon Carmichael was an old boy, has awarded these bursaries since 1990.

Caxton Booksellers have sponsored this prize since 1963.

William Clegg
Headmaster from 1919-47 – the school hall is named in his honour. Clegg Bursaries were first awarded in the 1970s.

Martin Cleveland
Matriculated in 1990 as Dux of the school but died in a motor accident before he received his final matric results.

Stephen Doidge
Stephen was Valedictorian in his matric year (1990). He has taught at the school and is a past President of the Wynberg Old Boys’ Union.

Epworth Music Society
This prize was first awarded in 1960.

Azriel Fine
Azriel (Issy) was Head Prefect in 1940. His sons, Nicholas and Derrick, were Head Prefects in 1971 and 1976, respectively. The bursary was first awarded in 1976.

C.A. Friedlander
Cecil Friedlander, one of four brothers to have links with Wynberg, began the family’s support when he was enrolled in 1919. He perished during World War II and the Inter-House Shield was donated in his memory.

R.M. Friedlander
Richard ‘Dick’ Friedlander, Alderman of the City of Cape Town, former Chairman of the City of Cape Town Executive, former Chairman of the School Committee, following in his father’s footsteps. A cousin of Arnold Lorie, former Headmaster of Wynberg Boys’ Junior School.

Friedlander Family
Alfred Friedlander served on the School Committee while his sons Ian, Cecil, Richard, and Frank were at the school. The next generation was schooled under the headmastership of their cousin Arnold Lorie.

Vincent Grainger
Vincent was Head Prefect in 1934, going on to study engineering at UCT, earning his Ph.D. His career as an engineer in the City Council was interrupted by his service in North Africa during the war. He served the City of Cape Town, was Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at UCT. He passed away in 2013.

David Heidmann
David had cystic fibrosis and missed a good deal of school because of extensive medical treatment. Nevertheless, he continued to be active in school life and matriculated in 1998. He passed away in 2007.

Bunty Joubert
Bunty was the school secretary from 1973 until her fatal illness in 1996. She was a second mother to pupils and staff alike, fiercely proud of, and loyal to the school and “her boys”.

Bill Lennox
“Shorty” taught Maths, Science and Biology from 1950-80, coached athletics and rugby, ran the Maths Department, but is best known for his training of the Cadet Band which won interschool competitions for 28 consecutive years. He retired as Senior Deputy Principal in 1980 and died in 1991.

D.F. Marais
Teacher – known as “Choker” for his somewhat unconventional approach to discipline. Head of Afrikaans Department. Revived the defunct Cadet Corps at the outbreak of World War II (it had been disbanded in 1930). He died in 1949 while still teaching at the school.

Jim Mathew
Jim matriculated in 1939 as Head Prefect. He returned in 1955 as a Biology teacher and 1st Team Cricket coach and became Deputy Headmaster until his retirement in 1984. He died in 1995. His father matriculated as School “Captain” and Soccer Captain in 1907.

Alf Morris
Alf was a teacher at Wynberg Boys’ High for 42 years from 1947 to 1988. He taught English and Geography, coached cricket and rugby, ran the Mountain Club and was Master in Charge of Sport as well as Head of the Geography Department when he retired. He also ran the Littlewood House Hostel from 1949-57. He passed away in 2010.

Pricewaterhouse Cooper
The PwC Award has been sponsored by Pricewaterhouse Cooper since 2015.

The Good Fellowship Award has been sponsored by the Wynberg Branch of Rotary since 1985.

Mark Schäfer
A prefect (1981) and Afrikaans First (Home) Language student.

Eric Tasker
H. Eric Tasker taught History from 1934 to his retirement in 1967 but often helped out with teaching during his retirement. He was a very well-respected and dedicated coach of rugby and athletics, and through the prefect system he developed young men into fine leaders.

David Templeton
David was an excellent violinist who matriculated in 1961. After school he became a Presbyterian Minister.

F.G. Thorp
Freddy was a Science master (1928-68) and Deputy Principal whose duties included running the Book Room. He started the Debating Society and ran it for 25 years. He also instituted the cross-country race and ran the annual athletics meetings.

Ian Wiegman
Ian Wiegman was Head Prefect in 1980. His son was Deputy Head Prefect in 2011.

Wynberg Old Girls’ Union
This prize was awarded for the first time in 2004.

07:30 Matric Breakfast (Clegg Hall)

1. Welcome: Sipho Dyonase, Grade 12 Prefect

2. Informal Prize Giving: Michael van Schalkwyk, Deputy Head Prefect

3. Awarding of Ties: Mr Peter van Schalkwyk, Deputy Headmaster

4. Grace: Praise Singer – Liyema Sondlo

5. Breakfast

6. Cheer & Gwijo: House Captains & Praise Singer

7. Guest Speaker’s Address: Steve Mathew, Matric 2016

8. House Prefects’ Reports

9. Reply by Staff: Mr Joshua Bassett, Grade 12 Head, on behalf of the House Heads

10. Matric Video: Thurston de Kock

11. Valedictorian Address: Imtiyaaz Dollie

10:00 Valedictory and Prize Giving (Hawthornden Field)

1. Tolling of the Bell: Marko Maric

2. Procession of Matrics: Fly Away with Me – Tom Walker

3. Welcome: Mr Josh Bassett, Head of Grade 12

4. National Anthem

5. Readings: Joshua Thomas

6. Prayer for the Matrics: Isa Ahmed

7. Charge: Mr Matthew Thomson, President of the Old Boys’ Union

8. Presentation of Academic Prizes: Mr Josh Bassett, Head of Grade 12

9. Presentation of Special Prizes: Mr Neil Eddy

10. Headmaster’s Address: Mr Jan de Waal

11. Introduction of Guest Speaker: Ewan James

12. Guest Speaker’s Address: Mr Neil Eddy

13. Thanks: Reyaaz Martin

14. Head Prefect’s Address: Mohammed Zayd Louw

15. Vote of Thanks: A call, adapted from the Preamble to the Constitution of South Africa – Mr Larry Moser, Senior Deputy Headmaster

16. School Song

17. Matrics Lead Out: Hold me while you wait – Lewis Capaldi

18. Matrics Ring the Bell

19. Matric Presentation of Gifts to their Mothers