The Wynberg Way

We, the young men, the staff and the community of Wynberg Boys’ High School respect and honour the inherent dignity of every human being and cherish all forms of life on this planet.

To that end we pledge this code of nonviolence.

  • Where there is injustice of any form, we pledge to right it with justice, without violence.
  • Where there is hatred, intolerance or discrimination, we pledge to work for acceptance and harmony.
  • Where there is abuse of women, children or anyone unable to speak out, we pledge to give them a voice.
  • Where there is bullying or intimidation, we pledge to expose and curtail it.
  • Where there is warfare, fighting and civil disruption, we pledge to work for diplomacy and negotiation.

We pledge to make this school and its environs a place of safety, security and peace and we pledge that all who represent the school are ambassadors of this code.


Racism is a belief that one race or ethnicity is superior to other races. It can take many forms, such as jokes, comments that cause offence or hurt, name-calling, verbal abuse, harassment and intimidation that inflames hostility towards certain race groups and making an instantly formed judgment about someone because of their race or culture. It can result in persons being disadvantaged or excluded from accessing services or participating in employment, education, sport or social activities.

Racism occurs on a day to day basis and happens within our homes, workplaces, streets and places of leisure.


Wynberg Boys’ High School believes in the power of diversity and strives to build a balanced and inclusive school community. It is committed to eliminating all forms of racism and racial harassment within its school community.

Wynberg Boys’ High School:

Recognises that South Africa continues to experience racism and discrimination

Recognises that everyone deserves to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity

Recognises that transformation is required to fundamentally change the mind-sets and conditions that in the past have led to discrimination and exclusion

Acknowledges that schools are essential to laying the foundation for the transformation of society and the elimination of injustice

Commits to the values of the Constitution which seek to eliminate racial discrimination

Rejects the use of language, religion or culture that advances racial discrimination

Framework and Objectives

Racism has damaging effects on individuals, families and communities and the learning and working environment.

Racism can adversely affect educational outcomes, individual happiness and self-confidence, school climate, cultural identity, school and community relations and student behaviour. It has been linked to diminished morale, lower productivity and an increase in incidents of stress and absenteeism. Specifically in the learning environment, it may result in lower levels of education achievement and lower rates of participation in post-school education and training.

Wynberg Boys’ High School aims to promote a clear understanding in the school community of what racism is and how it can be prevented and reduced.

This aim is achieved through three objectives:

1. Creating awareness of racism and how it affects individuals and the broader community;

2. Identifying, promoting and building on good practice initiatives to prevent and reduce racism, and

3. Empowering communities and individuals to take action to prevent and reduce racism and to seek redress when it occurs.

Recognising Racism

Racist incidents may include but are not limited to the following actions perpetrated on the basis of race or culture:

1. Jokes or comments that cause offence or hurt;

2. Name calling and verbal abuse;

3. Bullying, harassment and intimidation;

4. Physical assault;

5. The expressing of prejudices or deliberate misinformation regarding racial or ethnic distinctions;

6. Commentary that inflames hostility between certain groups;

7. Refusing to cooperate with others as a result of their race or culture;

8. Distributing racist literature;

9. Writing or expressing racist slogans, racist graffiti or racist catch phrases.

Reporting Racism

All forms of racism and discrimination are treated seriously. Victims of racism and discrimination are encourage to report such incidents to:

Wynberg Boys’ High School will record, investigate and act upon racist incidents and will deal with such matters in a swift, efficient and fair manner.

Victims of racism and discrimination will be shown understanding and be given reassurance and support.

We Pledge To:
  • Embrace and create awareness and appreciation for diversity of race, colour and culture within our school and society
  • Not tolerate hate speech, racism and discrimination in any shape or form
  • Be an institution where all members of staff, students and the broader community see themselves valued
  • Build a South Africa free of hate speech, racism and discrimination
  • Create an environment that welcomes cultural and racial diversity
  • Actively support each other to acknowledge, honour and appreciate differences
  • Eliminate racism and all forms of discrimination by identifying and removing barriers based on race
  • Ensure that policies, procedures and practices reflect the principle of equity for all
  • Be committed to equal opportunity
Our Guiding Principles
  • Acceptance
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Changing attitudes
  • Inclusivity

Wynberg Generations