Engineering & Design Faculty

The biggest ever capital investment project undertaken by Wynberg Boys’ High School is well underway to changing both the academic and physical landscape of our school forever.

We take pleasure in introducing the Engineering and Design Faculty, a world class facility to accommodate technical and engineering subjects to open new exciting options for post school studies and careers for every Wynberg Man. Incorporating the Visual and Creative Arts Departments, the building is the first in a series of capital works projects identified by the school executive to cater for cutting edge teaching spaces in preparing our students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The R32 million project cost has been all but secured through generous donations from a variety of sources ranging from R50 000 to R3 million. With Phase 1 completed, and the first part of Phase 2 underway after an enforced six-week lockdown delay, we expect to be entering the final phase of building in September 2020.

With a building target of R5 million still needed, we are offering our Wynberg Family an opportunity to pledge their support in the educational future of the school and indeed the country.

The Fund-A-Brick Campaign

This is an opportunity to fund, at R25 each, one or more of the 250 000 bricks used in the project. All donors will be recognised on a Donors’ Board online and inside the new facility.Payments may be made via EFT or Snapscan. 

Section 18A certificates for purchases of 25 bricks or more are available on request.

Please use the pledge form below, or download and complete the PDF form, and email to Subject: EDF Fund-a-Brick Pledge

Engineering & Design Faculty

Engineering & Design Faculty Newsletter, August 2020

Engineering & Design Faculty

Engineering & Design Faculty Illustrated Building Progress, August 2020

Engineering & Design Faculty

WBHS News, Friday 14 August 2020

Construction as at end September 2020, view the full album on Flickr
Construction as at end September 2020, view the full album on Flickr
Construction as at end August 2020, view the full album on Flickr
Construction as at end August 2020, view the full album on Flickr


Kieron Adams, Wynberg Student 2020
Leo Riley Addinall, Wynberg Student 2020
Brendon Alexander, Old Boy 1995
Peter A Andersen, Old Boy 2008
Callan Arendse, Wynberg Student 2020


The Bach Family
Andre Badenhorst, Old Boy 1963
Roger Barker, Old Boy 1965
Richard, Alex & Connor Barrett, Wynberg Family
The Bearne Family
Kyle Bleksley, Wynberg Student 2020
Georgie Borgstrom, Wynberg Parent 2020
Sven Borgstrom, Wynberg Student 2020
James and Nicholas Botha, Wynberg Students 2020
The Breed Family
Nicholas Bryant & Family, Old Boy 1998
The Burke Family


Norman Cantrell, Old Boy 1989
Luke Centurier Harris, Wynberg Family 2020
Lisa Clarence, Friend of Wynberg
Denver Coleman, Old Boy 1960
S Corbello, Wynberg Student 2020
Thomas W Coutts, Wynberg Student 2020
Dean Cronje, Wynberg Student 2020
Aden da Costa, Wynberg Student 2020


The Day-Brown Family
The Dean-Smith Family
Sebastian T de Klerk, Wynberg Student 2020
Jethro Dix, Wynberg Student 2020
Jan de Waal, Headmaster 2016 – 2021
Hennie du Plessis, Old Boy 1959


Brandon Eadie, Old Boy 2016
Craig Ellis, Old Boy 2004
Daniel Erasmus, Wynberg Student 2020
The Ewart-Smith Family


Devin Forbes, Old Boy 2009
Mel & Pat Fourie, Old Boy 1962


The Gangat Family
Keanu Gelderblom, Wynberg Student 2020
Matthew Gie, Old Boy 2019
Noel Glintenkamp, Wynberg Student 2020
Roy & Jared Godfrey, Old Boy 1990, & Student 2020
The Goliath Family
Adrian Goslett, Old Boy 1994


The Harley Family
Gray Holland, Old Boy 1959
Daniel Hopley, Old Boy 1999


Juan James, Wynberg Student 2020
Jenvey Family, Wynberg Family 2020
Daniel and Bradley Johnstone, Wynberg Students 2020
The Jonathan Family


Jos Kahn, Old Boy 1960
Hymie Kaplan, Old Boy 1967
Kappie, Wynberg Student 2020
Connor and Nevan Kleinhans, Wynberg Students 2020
Aaron Kleinschmidt, Wynberg Student 2020
Christopher Kleyhans, Wynberg Student 2020
Henry Knight, Old Boy 2019
Philip Kriel, Former Wynberg Staff


Sean Lavery, Old Boy 1989
The Lawrence Family
Chris & Matt Leech, Old Boy 2015 & Student 2020
Michael Leighton, Old Boy 2005
Freddie le Roux, Old Boy 2000
Shane le Roux, Old Boy
Rashid Lombard, Wynberg Family
The Lorenzen Family
Dhanyal Louw, Wynberg Student 2020
Dirk and Janice Louw, Wynberg Family
M. Zayd Louw, Wynberg Student 2020
Michael Lumb, Old Boy 1958


Adrian Marx, Old Boy 1978
Benjamin Matthews, Wynberg Student 2020
Bradley McCue, Wynberg Family
Dean McCue, Old Boy 1995
Diamante` Mdadane, Wynberg Student 2020
Jaden Meier, Wynberg Student 2020
Ian Melliar, Old Boy 1978
Peter Melliar, Old Boy 1947 – In Memoriam
Chris Merrington, Old Boy 1979
Gary Mulder, Old Boy 1985
Chris Muller, Old Boy 2013
James Muller, Old Boy 2016
Joshua & Thomas Munroe, Wynberg Students 2020
The Myers Family
Julian Myers, Old Boy 1955


Bernard Nauschutz, Old Boy 1960
Ryan Nell & Family, Wynberg Student 2020


Faheem Orgill, Old Boy 2013


Cameron Payne, Old Boy 2014
Pike Family
Gavin Pike, Old Boy 1999
Ethan Pinn, Wynberg Student 2020
The Piper-Clarence Family
Aaron Polliack, Old Boy 1955
Joe Polliack, Old Boy 1953
Max Polliack, Old Boy 1945
The Pollock Family
Kerry Pypers, Wynberg Family


Gareth Ramsay, Old Boy 2015
Jo Rheeder, Wynberg Student 2020
Zac Rienderhoff, Wynberg Student 2020
Benjamin Rose,  Wynberg Student 2018 – 2022


Abdullah Esa Salie, Old Boy
Juan Michael Sargeant, Wynberg Student 2020
Thaakirah Sarvan, Wynberg Family 2020
Uzair Sarvan, Wynberg Student 2020
Zubayr Sarvan, Wynberg Student 2020
Bill Searle, Old Boy 1962
Dillon Sibanda, Old Boy 2019
Kian Scholtz, Wynberg Student 2020
The Schweizer Family
Christopher Brounlee Smith, Old Boy 1959 – In Memoriam
Romain Soula, Wynberg Student 2020
Gabi Soule-Hoekstra, Wynberg Family
Dylan Spinas, Old Boys 2016
Cathy Steele-Gray, Wynberg Family
Tony Steenekamp, Old Boy 1963
Kyle Stephens, Wynberg Student 2020
Jeff Sternslow, Old Boy 1963
Liam Storey, Wynberg Student 2020
Nicholas Swart, Wynberg Student 2020


Connor Taylor, Wynberg Student 2020
Howard Taylor, Old Boy 1982
Simon and Kathleen Thompson, Wynberg Family 2020
Matthew Thomson, Old Boys’ President 2020
Chris Twine, Old Boy 1997


Michael Uphill, Wynberg Student 2020


The Van Bergen Family
Neville van Blerk, Old Boy 1958
Anthony van Eyssen, Wynberg Student 2020
Darren van Eyssen, Old Boy 1992
The Van Kets Family
Lawrence van Niekerk, Old Boy 1960


Richard Wallace, Old Boy 1994
Norman Wallis, Old Boy 1962
Ethan Walton, Wynberg Student 2020
John-Louis and Liza West, Wynberg Family
Karl Wichman, Wynberg Student 2020
Michael Wichman, Wynberg Student 2020
Steven Wood, Old Boy 1993
Gareth Woodbine, Old Boy 2005
Nathan Wylie, Old Boy 2017


Advanced African Technology
Dawn Talmakkies Consultants
Ideal Paints – Y and A Parker