Take-Home Hot Meals, 7 -11 March 2022

Thursday 3 March 2022: The weekly take-home hot meal opportunity by Feedem, our WBHS caterers of choice. Daily meals for the school week ahead, based on a set menu, may be ordered up to 24 hours in advance at the advertised price of R35 per serving.

Please email for orders and payment/collection details during business hours: fishbowl@feedem.co.za

Bank details for EFT payments:

Feedem Group
Account number: 62032302573
Branch code: 201510
Reference: Take Home Meals

Please email POP: fishbowl@feedem.co.za

Find out more about the TapTuck appOr use the Tap-Tuck app in use cross-campus at Feedem Tuckshops. Find out more online.


Mince Curry Served with Home-made Rooti & Vegetables


Chicken Quiche Served with  Vegetables & Tossed Salad


Beef Casserole Served with Couscous & salad


Seafood Paella served with Sambals


Chicken Schnitzel, Cheese Sauce served with Potato Wedges and Roast Vegetables

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