WBHS Newsletter, Friday 18 May 2018

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Circular 10/18: Grade 8 - 12 Mid-Year Examinations

Dear Parents / Guardians

We are about to enter the mid-year examination period and we want to keep you informed of procedures so that together we can ensure your son has as good an academic environment as possible in which to write.

For grades 8 to 9 the examination period starts on 25 May, for grades 10 and 11 on 24 May and for grade 12 on the 23 May. The last day of exams for all grades is Friday 15th Jun. The general examination timetable is on the front page of Moodle showing the days on which each subject is written. A detailed timetable will be posted in the same location at the start of exams showing where each boy must go at any one time.

Read more on the link below:

Download the PDF Circular 10 of 2018

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 27 May 2018

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Weekly Planner

Monday 21 May10:00 Assembly (Th) Exams

Tuesday 22 May7:00 Governing Body ICT Committee Meeting7:00 Afrikaans Revision lesson in D23 at 7:00 (all Grade 12s welcome to attend) Palimpses / Tien haikoes vir ‘n Vredefortkoepel

Wednesday 23 MayGrade 12 Exams Start10:00 Tutor/House Assembly

Thursday 24 MayGrade 10 – 11 Exams StartGrade 8 – 9 close school at 14H10

WBHS Newsletter, Friday 11 May 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 20 May 2018

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Monday 14 May10:00 Assembly (MS)

Tuesday 15 MayStart of Ramadan

Wednesday 16 May10:00 House Assembly / Tutor12:30 Break13:00 SA Maths Olympiad Round 2. Compulsory Study Sessions for boys not writing Olympiad15:00 School closes for all grades

Thursday 17 MayCivvies Day 307:45 Tutor08:00 Wed P 10 / Grade 8 Sport08:30 Wed P 11 / Grade 8 Sport09:00-14:40 Normal Thursday10:00 Assembly(In)10:00 House Heads meeting with TutorsFood-for-Thought Maths Evening for Maths StaffMuslim Iftaar evening

Wynberg 1st XV vs Boland Landbou - the Media Report

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Saturday 5 May 2018: Wynberg Boys' High reversed a ten-point halftime deficit to overcome their more fancied opponents, Boland Agricultural on the Hawthornden Field. The final score was 27 - 25 after the hosts trailed 5-15 when the teams changed ends.

The Berg are enjoying a successful start to the 2018 season, having recently beaten Rondebosch and then narrowly going down to another Boland powerhouse, Paarl Boys' High.

High-flying Boland Agri, one of the top rugby schools in recent years, started in typical fashion, their bigger forwards aiming to subdue their opponents. The tenacious Southern Suburbs boys surprised their opponents in the opening minutes, overshadowing the Paarlites. Yet it was the visitors who opened the scoring. It was a well-weighted chip kick by their livewire scrumhalf which sat up for his left wing to collect and score. The conversion put the agricultural students seven points in the lead.

With the wind behind them, the visitors kept their hosts pinned in their own half through some clever tactical kicking. A well-executed move off a Wynberg lineout in their own half saw centre Rethabile Louw creating space for fullback Wandile Notshe to put his team on the scoreboard.

WBHS Newsletter, Friday 4 May 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

Wynberg's Science Expo 2018

24 & 25 April 2018: Science is about discovery, and understanding the world around us. There are few better ways for learners to experience this culture of exploration than the Wynberg Boys’ Science Expo. This year boys had to conduct an experiment or build a model that solves a real world problem. They wrote the results up into a formal report, and then designed a poster which was used to present their topic to a panel of judges. There were a number of outstanding projects on display, with some of the experiments and models taking two months to complete.

Two of the highlights: Get Chaa Clean Water!After noticing that his grandfather preferred drinking tap water run through an activated Carbon filter, Nicholas Swart teamed up with Liyema Sondlo to see whether a home-made activated carbon filter would actually improve quality of water. The results showed that the carbon filtered water wasn’t actually cleaner than tap water, but the carbon filter did filter out any chlorine, which resulted in a taste preferred by 10 out of 10 people in a taste test.

Fog Collecting in Cape TownMurray MacDonald built 4 ‘fog collectors’ at home each with an area of 1 square metre, and set them up in 4 different places around Cape Town, to see where the collectors would be most effective in harvesting water. There was one on our Silverhurst Fields, one at his home, there was even one on top of the mountain! He made sure to keep track of humidity and wind speed at each of these locations over a period of 4 weeks. The most effective fog collector, on top of the mountain, collected 4 litres of water over the 4 weeks.

The skills learnt during Expo are numerous, and highly sought after in the workplace. Planning, logical reasoning, and clear communication are all vital in an Expo project. The top few projects will be entered into the regional science expo.Mr Christof Goosen

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 13 May 2018

Weekly Planner

Monday 7 May10:00 Assembly (Dw) (Grey)19:00 Campus Choir Concert

Tuesday 8 May19:00 Campus Choir Concert

Wednesday 9 May08:00 – 09:00 Grey Meetings and Cheering10:00 – Prefects Assembly (Grey)17:30 – Wynberg Wednesday at the Bill Bowden Pavilion18:00 – 20:00 Prefect Seminar 2

Thursday 10 May08:00 – 09:00 Wednesday Period 1 and 2 10:00 – House Assembly / Tutor

Friday 11 MayGrey Weekend 

WBHS Newsletter, Monday 30 April 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

Open Mic with Makhaya Ntini, Bill Bowden Pavilion 16 May 2018

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Wynberg Old Boys’ Union is proud to welcome former Proteas player and international cricketing legend, Makhaya Ntini, as our on-the-spot guest on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 19h00 at the Bill Bowden Pavilion, Home of Wynberg Old Boys. As always, our Open Mic evenings are open to all, but we regret no school-goers & U18s.


One of the leading wicket-takers in SA cricketing history, Makhaya will enjoy a frank exchange with Master of Ceremonies, Old Boy Brad Bing, about his extraordinary journey:

Makhaya's cricket talent was discovered early when he worked as a herd boy in rural Transkei, although unable to speak English, he was awarded a bursary to Dale College, from where his passion and undisputed talent for the game saw him explode onto provincial and international ovals.

Wynberg Sportsmanship: Our Commitment to Positivism in Support

Thursday 26 April 2018: As teaching professionals, and as parents, we are role models to hundreds of boys. Boys observe our behaviour, take in it on board and assimilate it, then tailor their own responses in human interaction. It is incumbent on us to set the example to all who play and watch our sport. This includes players, parents, old boys, spectators connected to our school, and our visitors.

Support your son and attend his matches, whatever side he’s in.Always be there for him, especially in the ‘down times’.By all means set the bar for him - but always praise his achievements especially when he has tried hard to reach this bar.Praise effort and commitment, much more than results.Never criticise the coach, as it will confuse the players. It not only divides loyalty, but offers an excuse. Don’t fall for the common sporting curse of blaming the coach or referee.Never over-emphasise winning as it will only lead to a fear of failure. One of the curses of schoolboy sport is an unbeaten season.Do not relive your own sporting career (or lack of it!) through your son. This leads to frustration and disappointment on both sides.Be a true sporting spectator. Let the referee handle the game and let your son make his own mistakes. He will learn more that way.

It is Wynberg’s stated aim that through our actions, we will promote positive behaviour of all that support our teams and our opposition.

Coaches, parents, or players will neither openly question a refereeing decision, nor shout at the players or officials in an unseemly fashion.Well prepared teams do not need verbal instructions from coaches throughout their matches, especially not from great distance.Coaches and management will act immediately against parents and players who verbally abuse match officials and players. In the same way, we invite parents to point out coaches who act inappropriately.

Michael EngelbrechtWBHS Vice-Principal, Sport

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 6 May 2018

Weekly Planner

Monday 30 AprilSchool Holiday 10:00 – 14:00 Shrek Rehearsal

Tuesday 1 MayWorkers’ Day (Public Holiday)10 – 17:00 Shrek Rehearsal

Wednesday 2 May10:00 Cheering Practice17:30 Wynberg Wednesday at Bill Bowden Pavilion

Thursday 3 MayCivvies Day10:00 Grade Assembly10:00 New Teachers Meeting

Friday 4 May13:00 Staff DevelopmentStellenbosch Band ExtravaganzaHockey vs DF Malan (A)

WBHS Newsletter, Friday 20 April 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

Sports Roundup, Week Ending 19 April 2018

Friday 19 April 2018, Wynberg Boys' High School: After the euphoria of the Bosch weekend under clear skies, we enter a precarious weekend on wet fields for hockey and rugby against Paarl Boys’ High, and soccer against St Joseph's - all at home.

The 1st XI hockey side will be confident ahead of their fixture at 19h00 on Friday 20 April on the Wynberg Astro. We look forward to seeing as many spectators as possible. Although this is not an all-in weekend, we do expect all hockey players to be out in force to support our teams, and that all rugby players change back into uniform on Saturday 20 April after their matches to cheer on the 1st XV. This is our Wynberg Way for all sports fixtures in the winter months ahead.

A courteous reminder to parents and old boys not to sit in the stands traditionally reserved for our Wynberg boys for home and away matches. A big part of our Wynberg Spirit and the impressive singing and cheering (as displayed last week) is dependent on all Wynberg boys massed together, and not diluted.


Joshua Wentzel has been selected for the SA men's Softball team to compete at the World cup in Canada in July.

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 29 April 2018

Wynberg 1st XV at Rondebosch, click to view full size image

Weekly Planner

Monday 23 April10:00 Assembly (Vs) Matric Summer Sport Awards

Tuesday 24 AprilScience Expo

Wednesday 25 AprilScience Expo10:00 House Assembly/Tutor17h30 Wynberg Wednesday at Bill Bowden Pavilion

Thursday 26 April10:00 House Heads meeting with Tutors10:00 Assembly (Ty)Rugby vs Durbanville (H)

Wynberg Grey Weekend: Parent Information

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10 - 13 May 2018: The annual Wynberg Grey Weekend sees WBHS heading east to Port Elizabeth for one of our most eagerly awaited events of the year. The detailed attachments cover essential transport, costs, accommodation, and the Western Cape Government General Consent Form.

WBHS Grey Weekend Letter.pdf

WCED General Consent Form.pdfFull fixtures will be published separately closer to the departure date, along with maps and traveling programme.

Grey High School's General Arrangements for the weekend:

WBHS Newsletter, Friday 13 April 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

WBHS Newsletter, Monday 9 April 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 15 April 2018

Wynberg 1st XI at the U18 Nomads Festival in Bloemfontein

Weekly Planner

Monday 9 AprilLast Day of School Holidays15:00 Senior Staff Meeting

Tuesday 10 April08:00 Assembly (Dw)08:30 Cheering Practice

Wednesday 11 AprilHouse Assembly/TutorLadies' Association Meeting17:30 Wynberg Wednesday at Bill Bowden Pavilion18:00 Wynberg Old Boys' Union AGM, Bill Bowden Pavilion

Thursday 12 AprilAssembly (En) – Derby vs Rondebosch17:30-20:00 Careers Evening at WBHS

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