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WBHS Women of Wynberg 2018

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On Saturday 10 March 2018 Wynberg hosted the first ever WOW - Women of Wynberg - event at Kaplan House to honour our women in a morning of connecting, upliftment, and celebration.

Rounding off a week in which WBHS marked International Women’s Day with powerful and thought-provoking workshops with the boys on respecting women and their valuable contribution to society, the WOW morning was attended by 250 Wynberg mothers, teachers, and other influential women, in an exuberant celebration of our Women of Worth.

An inspirational address by Wynberg mom, Portia van Staden, honoured the guests and reminded them of their inner strengths, their beauty, and capabilities.

Portia, with the aid of a R50 note dropped, crumpled, trodden on and ground into the dirt, demonstrated the fundamental fact: the note did not lose its value, it retained its full worth:

“No matter what happened in your past or what will happen in your future, you will never lose your value. Know your worth and know who you are. You are capable of amazing things! Chin up, Head High, and push through anything you put your mind to.“


Under the leadership and guidance of Cheryl Borchardt, the Wynberg’s Ladies’ Association ensured that the scene was perfectly set for the guests to pause, reconnect, and celebrate. Stylish decor and quality catering, supported by an impressive performance by our WBHS Gumboot dancers, ‘WOW’d’ the crowd!

The morning provided the opportunity to acknowledge and bid farewell to Cheryl Borchardt, and honour her nine years of service to the Ladies’ Association. Cheryl has been a true leader whose huge contribution to the Association will leave a legacy to take us to new heights under the incoming leadership of Heidi Witbooi.

International Women's Day on Thursday 8 March celebrated the achievements of women, as well as acting as a catalyst for change when it comes to gender equality.

A #WynbergMedia report with thanks to Portia van Staden, Ann Coltham, Jeanette Muller, and Tania Robbertze's photography #SuperaMoras

WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 25 March 2018
WBHS Newsletter, Friday 9 March 2018

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