Weekly Planner: Week Ending 20 October 2019

WBHS Valedictory Media 2019

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Weekly Planner

Monday 14 October
Grade 9 Systemic Tests
10:00 House Assembly/Tutor
WBHS Athletics Spring Meeting

Tuesday 15 October
07:00 Physical Amenities Meeting
10:00 School Assembly (Ms)

Wednesday 16 October
10:00 Period 11 (no Assembly)

Thursday 17 October
07:45 Test Period
08:50 Tutor Period
09:00–10.30 Periods 3-5
10:30 Break
11:00–13:30 Periods 6-10
13:30 Break
14:15 IH Relays

Friday 18 October
13:00 Staff Development
Athletics SACS Spring Meeting
Golf Day

Saturday 19 October
Cricket vs RBHS

Sunday 20 October
Cricket vs London Schools (U14/U15)

SPORTS FIXTURES: Links to all sports fixtures may be found on our website - please note that detailed times and venues are published mid-week preceding the advertised dates.

STANDING ARRANGEMENTS on MOODLE for weekly extra lessons/meetings

Upcoming Events to Diarise
21 October: Grade 10 Exams Start; Grade 6 Brain Sprain
22 October: Budget Presentation
23 October: Matric Exams Start; Astro & IT Meeting
24 October: Grade 11 Review Day
25 October: Athletics RBHS Spring Meeting
26 October: Athletics HS Dirkie Uys Top 10 Event; Cricket vs Bishops


Tuesday 15 October
Grade 11 IT PAT Presentation
Grade 10 P.Science Lesson during test period
Grade 9 English Lesson during test period
Grade 8 Afr. Test: Begriplees 20, Taal 20, Woordorde, Tye, Sinonieme, Meervoude, Verkleinwoorde, Trappe van vergelyking, Indirekte rede, Cloze leesstukkie; IsiXhosa: Orals

Thursday 17 October
Grade 11 P.Science Lesson during test period
Grade 10 Phys. Ed.
Grade 9 Afr. Test: Vraestel 3: Stelwerk – net die opstel gedeelte, Woorde: 210 – 250 (geen woordeboeke en HBSG word toegelaat nie); IsiXhosa: Literature
Grade 8 History Open book test: Scramble for Africa. Boys to bring tablets and blank answer paper to test period.

WBHS News, Friday 11 October 2019
Notification of Meeting to Approve School Budget &...

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