WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 20 May 2018

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Weekly Planner

Monday 14 May10:00 Assembly (MS)

Tuesday 15 MayStart of Ramadan

Wednesday 16 May10:00 House Assembly / Tutor12:30 Break13:00 SA Maths Olympiad Round 2. Compulsory Study Sessions for boys not writing Olympiad15:00 School closes for all grades

Thursday 17 MayCivvies Day 307:45 Tutor08:00 Wed P 10 / Grade 8 Sport08:30 Wed P 11 / Grade 8 Sport09:00-14:40 Normal Thursday10:00 Assembly(In)10:00 House Heads meeting with TutorsFood-for-Thought Maths Evening for Maths StaffMuslim Iftaar evening

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Wynberg Grey Weekend: Parent Information

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10 - 13 May 2018: The annual Wynberg Grey Weekend sees WBHS heading east to Port Elizabeth for one of our most eagerly awaited events of the year. The detailed attachments cover essential transport, costs, accommodation, and the Western Cape Government General Consent Form.

WBHS Grey Weekend Letter.pdf

WCED General Consent Form.pdfFull fixtures will be published separately closer to the departure date, along with maps and traveling programme.

Grey High School's General Arrangements for the weekend:

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