Wynberg Grey Weekend: A Weekend’s Competition, a Lifetime of Friendships

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Monday 8 April 2019: Since 1996 our Wynberg Boys’ Schools have shared a weekend exchange of cultural and sporting activities with our friends and rivals in the Eastern Cape, The Grey. Alternating hosting the event annually, 2019 sees Wynberg Boys’ Junior and High getting ready to welcome Grey Junior and High on Thursday 25 April.

With 41 fixtures in place for WBHS alone: Squash, Hockey, Debating, Chess, Cycling, Golf, Surfing, and Rugby, a quick calculation of players, coaches, managers, and staff gives an indication of the sheer scale of this traveling show - it’s an event of massive planning that relies on goodwill, volunteers, and passion for our Wynberg commitment to build on our good traditions of the past. And this Wynberg Grey Weekend, born in the ‘new South Africa’ is a tradition we hold dear, as do our old boys, and our students who’ve competed against one another, and made friends for life.

For the vast majority of students, this weekend is the only chance they will have to tour in any of their 5 years at either Grey or Wynberg - it’s what makes this exchange unique, all age groups and teams meet in rivalry and competition.

It’s in this spirit of exchange that we appeal to our Wynberg Families to open their homes and hearts to our friends from Port Elizabeth - hosting is both ‘paying forward’ and returning the generosity of the famously friendly families from Grey.

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Wynberg at the 17th Grey College Invitational Chess Tournament

21 - 24 February 2019: Two Chess teams travelled to Bloemfontein this weekend for the Grey College 17th Annual Schools Chess Tournament. This year was a first in that we took a combined Girls/Boys team with two girls form WGHS. The A team (4 boys), played in the A section of the Tournament, while the B team (2 girls and 2 boys) played in the B section.

Both teams did very well with the A team finishing 15th while the B team produced spectacular results, winning all five games and claiming the gold medal – a first for us at this tournament.

The results are as follows:

1st team: Liam Manshon (capt), Rameez Davids, As’ad Salie and Dante Benting)Lost to Trinity A (GT) 1-3Beat Florida A (GT) 2½ -1½Beat Affies HSS A (GT) 3-1Lost to Waterkloof B (GT) 1-3Drew with Duineveld A (NC) 2-2Final ranking – 15th (out of 28)

2nd team: Emily Shuman (capt), Teva Shuman, Justin Cheney and Brennan McCormick. Beat Grey College E (FS) 3-1Beat Fichardt Park A (FS) 3-1Beat Affies HSS C (GT) 2½ -1½Beat Duineveld B (NC) 3 - 1Beat Selborne C (EC) 3 -1Final ranking – 1st (out of 31)

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