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Friday 23 November 2018: planning from far-sighted budgeting has been realised as Littlewood Boarding House is officially ‘off the grid’ in Wynberg’s drive to ongoing sustainability.

Three 10 000 litre tanks are kept filled by the new borehole, all linked into the hostel water system for ablutions, irrigation, and purified drinking - a massive saving in Wynberg’s use of potable water into the future.

Vice-Principal of Boarding, Mr Roland Rudd: “Our hostel management and parents’ committee prioritised this capital project well before Cape Town faced the possibility of Day Zero. Working in budgetary phases linked to the full revamp of the students’ bathrooms, we moved first to develop an integrated grey water system, worked tirelessly with our students and staff to make being #WaterWise part of our daily lives and hostel ethos, and can now say with pride that the final phase of harvesting our own water makes us the first part of the Campus to stand virtually free of reliance on the City’s scarce resource.”

With sustainability one of the key focus areas in Wynberg’s Vision 2021, ongoing water conservation projects have seen the proliferation of water tanks across the WBHS campus to supplement the groundwater irrigation systems already in use for over a decade. With the recent assistance of the Department of Public Works, the main school building’s ablution facilities have been linked to the groundwater system to further drive water conservation into the future.

Ed’s note - throughout the Level 6B water restrictions of 2018, our Littlewood Boarding House student complement of 110 boarders, with their essential catering and laundry services, consistently stayed below the daily 50 litres per person water responsibility. Combined with the cross campus drives to increase recycling and waste management, sustainability and environmental awareness has become central to all school activities.

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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 23 November 2018
Weekly Planner, Week Ending 2 December 2018

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