#HereToCreate: Jag Foundation wins with Wynberg Soccer

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Thursday 7 December 2017: in September this year Wynberg Soccer rose to the campaign challenge from Adidas South Africa to produce a video capturing creativity in sports training – and the resulting social media #HereToCreate footage, with more than 2600 views on Wynberg's Facebook pages, has earned #WynbergSoccer a place on the winners' podium.

Congratulations to all involved in the project, but even more so to the spirit of Wynberg Sportsmanship that saw our master in Charge of Soccer, Roland Rudd, with the full support of his players and the campaign sponsor, nominating our friends at the Jag Foundation to receive the lion's share of Wynberg's R20 000 Adidas kit prize.

"To be creative, first we must be generous. Then we must have a quiet, indomitable belief in our own worth."
― Donna Goddard, Australian author.

About the Jag Foundation
We as the JAG Foundations utilise sport and play as a catalyst for change, exposing children in disadvantaged communities to an alternate life path. Our mentoring, coaching, knowledge and organised sport and play programmes target the issues of alcohol, drugs and gangsterism head-on by showing children the real and attainable opportunity of an alternative life path, that can give them hope and an escape from a societal predisposition of their future. Follow the Jag Foundation on Facebook, or visit their website

Yet another high in the 2017 school soccer season to be remembered proudly by all lovers of the beautiful game.

A #WynbergMedia Report

Click the image below to view Wynberg Soccer's #HereToCreate video on Facebook:

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