Circular 10/18: Grade 8 - 12 Mid-Year Examinations

WBHS Mid-Year Exams 2018Dear Parents / Guardians

We are about to enter the mid-year examination period and we want to keep you informed of procedures so that together we can ensure your son has as good an academic environment as possible in which to write.

For grades 8 to 9 the examination period starts on 25 May, for grades 10 and 11 on 24 May and for grade 12 on the 23 May. The last day of exams for all grades is Friday 15th Jun. The general examination timetable is on the front page of Moodle showing the days on which each subject is written. A detailed timetable will be posted in the same location at the start of exams showing where each boy must go at any one time.

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Download the PDF pdfCircular 10 of 2018

WBHS Newsletter, Friday 18 May 2018
WBHS Weekly Planner, Week Ending 27 May 2018

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