#BloodDrive101 - Giving Back, the Ty Moore Blood Drive Story

Wynberg Boys’ High School has for decades been a strong supporter of the incredible work done by the WP Blood Transfusion Service - generations of students and staff have donated blood at the regular clinics held at the school.

A year ago on Wednesday 2 October, our Wynberg Family paused to mourn the passing of one of our fathers, Ty Moore, from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident. Ty, a passionate off-road biker, known affectionately as ‘Driver 101’, fought bravely until the end, his life supported by the generosity of anonymous blood donors across the province.

WBHS joins the Moore family in support of their #BloodDrive101 campaign, opening our scheduled WPBTS donor clinic on Tuesday 1 October 2019 to our Wynberg Family, neighbours, and the broader community in Ty Moore’s memory, and in the spirit of giving back.

Ty Moore Blood Drive Story

Ty Moore was a true Warrior, the most incredible husband and father, the best son and brother, the coolest nephew and cousin and a loyal friend to everyone.

Ty fought the hardest battle of his life following an off-road motorbike accident. A catastrophic abdominal injury left him in hospital for 5 months. Tragically, complications arose and his body could no longer fight, it had been through way too much. He sadly passed away on 2 October 2018.

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Wynberg Soccer Service Appeal, Heart and Sole - the Irish Connection

WBHS Soccer Outreach Heart & Sole

Thursday 6 June 2019: In the same week SAFA Cape Town officially endorsed the WBHS U15 Soccer Super Cup and Wynberg Soccer as a youth development partner in the West Cape, teacher in charge, Mr Roland Rudd, launched a service appeal for quality pre-owned boots, balls, and kit to assist clubs and communities desperate for equipment.

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Service Appeal to Assist International Children’s Peace Prize Nominees Chris Kleynhans & Reece Slade

Watch the Facebook video interview with Christopher Kleynhans and Reece Slade

Thursday 16 May 2019: Christopher Kleynhans, Wynberg Boys’ High, and Reece Slade of Reddam, both 15 years old and in Grade 10, are two exceptional boys who have been nominated for the KidsRights International Children’s Peace Prize Award, and invited to attend the Lead By Example Youth Program of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates to be held in September 2019 in Merida, Mexico.

Chris and Reece are strong youth activists for mental health awareness and environmental affairs, having hosted four 12 hour swimathons to raise funds and awareness about mental health under their banner of “Swim For Change” which they founded jointly in 2015, now a registered Non Profit Company, and a project with the backing and endorsement of the Western Cape Education Department

Beyond their academic pursuits, the two friends have also formed a Non-Profit Organisation (registration pending) called Earth Kids Org which focuses on youth-led environmental issues, greening public space, recycling and reducing single-use plastic.

And if that isn’t enough, they continue to be mentors in the Chaeli Campaign “Pay It Forward” programme … it comes as no surprise that Chris and Reece have been recognised as change makers leading to their nomination for international recognition.

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Wynberg Old Boy, Ken Barrett, to Walk the Length of Britain for Charity

Support Ken Barrett's charity walk on JustGiving.com

Thursday 9 May 2019: Wynberg Old Boy, Kennaird Barrett, with the support, and encouragement of former classmates, Herman Roup, England cricketer Allan Lamb, and rugby Springbok Rob Louw (all Matric 1973) starts walking north from Lands End to John O’Groats on May 13th to raise awareness and funds for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS), and the Children’s Charity Ukama in Cape Town, which feeds over 400 children a day.

Capetonian Kennaird Barrett, a commercial fisherman with distant Scottish links, conceived the idea as he watched a TV programme on the work of CHAS. Profoundly moved, he vowed to do his bit to help, called on in part by his Christian faith.

Speaking before his departure, Kenny says: “I’m walking to raise funds for Children's Hospices Across Scotland, (CHAS) because I am in awe and inspired by the work they do with terminally ill children. Having seen a TV documentary in South Africa about CHAS and in particular their work at Robin House, one of their hospices, I felt driven to do something to help.”

Kenny continues “My son and daughter-in-law support the awesome Cape Town Charity Ukama and I feel the need to help these impoverished children as well.”

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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 17 August 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 15 June 2018


Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 1 June 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 25 May 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 13 April 2018

Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

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Wynberg Brothers Cycling for St Luke's Combined Hospices

Friday 2 March 2018, Wynberg Boys' High School: Wynberg brothers, Dylan and Ethan Wasserfall, are gearing up their fundraising efforts for St Luke's Hospice during the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday 11 March. We wholeheartedly support the service initiatives of our Wynberg Men, and take pleasure in sharing the email we received from Zani Lamb, Head of Operations at St Luke's:

Brothers, Dylan Wasserfall (17) and Ethan Wasserfall (14), both students at Wynberg Boys' High School, will be cycling to make a difference for patients being cared for by St Luke’s Combined Hospices. Dylan and Ethan know first-hand about the work done by St Luke's through their mother who works here. From hearing their mom’s stories, and while helping with office clean up during the December holidays, they gained insight into the challenges families face when coming to St Luke’s.

By raising funds the brothers want to help ensure St Luke’s continues providing quality palliative care through assessing the physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of more than 900 patients. The brothers were especially touched by the life of Craig Brown, the son of one of their mom’s colleagues who passed away from cancer when he was 13 years old. The book written by Sue Brown about her son’s journey, ‘The Twinkling of an Eye’ gave the brothers a renewed sense of purpose to again cycle for St Luke’s Hospice.

As Ethan put’s it ‘cancer doesn’t ask your age’. Their campaign is titled ‘Brothers Doing it for Hospice’ - you can follow their progress on their Facebook page and support their efforts through their Back-a-Buddy campaign. We applaud Wynberg Boys' High School for cultivating young men with such social conscience and drive. Take care


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WBHS Newsletter, Friday 23 February 2018

 Wynberg Boys' High School Weekly Newsletter is distributed to all our Wynberg Families by email. #WynbergMedia #SuperaMoras

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