Wynberg's Science Expo 2018

24 & 25 April 2018: Science is about discovery, and understanding the world around us. There are few better ways for learners to experience this culture of exploration than the Wynberg Boys’ Science Expo. This year boys had to conduct an experiment or build a model that solves a real world problem. They wrote the results up into a formal report, and then designed a poster which was used to present their topic to a panel of judges. There were a number of outstanding projects on display, with some of the experiments and models taking two months to complete.

Two of the highlights: Get Chaa Clean Water!After noticing that his grandfather preferred drinking tap water run through an activated Carbon filter, Nicholas Swart teamed up with Liyema Sondlo to see whether a home-made activated carbon filter would actually improve quality of water. The results showed that the carbon filtered water wasn’t actually cleaner than tap water, but the carbon filter did filter out any chlorine, which resulted in a taste preferred by 10 out of 10 people in a taste test.

Fog Collecting in Cape TownMurray MacDonald built 4 ‘fog collectors’ at home each with an area of 1 square metre, and set them up in 4 different places around Cape Town, to see where the collectors would be most effective in harvesting water. There was one on our Silverhurst Fields, one at his home, there was even one on top of the mountain! He made sure to keep track of humidity and wind speed at each of these locations over a period of 4 weeks. The most effective fog collector, on top of the mountain, collected 4 litres of water over the 4 weeks.

The skills learnt during Expo are numerous, and highly sought after in the workplace. Planning, logical reasoning, and clear communication are all vital in an Expo project. The top few projects will be entered into the regional science expo.Mr Christof Goosen

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