WBHS News, Friday 18 October 2019

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Final Examination Arrangements for 2019

Circular 18 of 2019: Grade 10 start their examinations on Monday 21 October, Grade 11 on Thursday 31 October and Grades 8 and 9 on Monday 4 November. The general examination timetable on the front page of Moodle is the correct version. The timetable in the diaries was provisional and there may have been changes from when it was printed a year ago –the Moodle version is the one to follow. Boys must report to their allotted venues for all morning exams at 08h00 and at 13h30 for afternoon exams.

Please download the full PDF circular on the link:


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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 27 October 2019

 View the Inter-Schools Spring Athletics Meeting photos on Flickr

Weekly Planner

Monday 21 OctoberGrade 10 Exams Start10:00 Assembly (Dw)18:30-21:15 Grade 6 Brain Sprain

Tuesday 22 October10:00 House Assembly/Tutor18:30 Budget Presentation to Parents

Wednesday 23 OctoberMatric Exams Start09:00 Astro Meeting10:00 Campus IT MeetingChanges to time-table:07:45 Tutor08:00-10:00 Period 1-410:00 Period 910:30 Break11:00-12:30 Period 6-812:30 Assembly (Th)13:00 Break13:30-14:30 Period 10-1114:30 Tutor

Thursday 24 October08:00-10:00 Grade 11 Review Day

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WBHS News, Friday 11 October 2019

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Weekly Planner: Week Ending 20 October 2019

View the full Valedictory photo collection on Flickr

Weekly Planner

Monday 14 OctoberGrade 9 Systemic Tests10:00 House Assembly/TutorWBHS Athletics Spring Meeting

Tuesday 15 October07:00 Physical Amenities Meeting10:00 School Assembly (Ms)

Wednesday 16 October10:00 Period 11 (no Assembly)

Thursday 17 October07:45 Test Period08:50 Tutor Period09:00–10.30 Periods 3-510:30 Break11:00–13:30 Periods 6-1013:30 Break14:15 IH Relays

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Matric Prize Giving 2019 - All the Awards

Prize List - October 2019

Academic PrizesSD = Subject Distinction

One CertificateAdam Barnard (Merit), Bevan Coveley (SD for History), Campbell Egan-Fowler (SD for History), Cormac Faul (SD for History), Byron Kingwill (SD for EGD), Andreas Kyprou (SD for EGD), Arin Long (SD for Visual Arts), Martin Lötter (SD for EGD), Murray Macdonald (SD for EGD), Izak McDowell (SD for Information Technology), Phiwe Mentoor (Merit), Jordan Pastor (SD for History), Matthew Perrin (SD for English), Kian Petersen (SD for English), Sebastian Powell (SD for EGD), Tristan Rainbow (SD for Geography), Timothy Sweetman (SD for EGD), Caleb Valerga (Merit), Caleb Vincent (Merit)

Two CertificatesSeth Dantu (SD for EGD; Merit), Fayyaz Ebrahim (SD for Life Sciences; Merit), Tebogo Faas (SD for IsiXhosa; Merit), Gabriel Flint (SD for Life Sciences; Merit), Lee Gibbs (SD for EGD and Information Technology), Jason Harrison (SD for Mathematics; Merit), Timothy Hoenson (SD for Life Sciences; Merit), Imad Marques (SD for Information Technology; Merit), Reece McMinn (SD for History; Merit), Wandile Notshe (SD for History; Merit), Kyler Rienderhoff (SD for Information Technology; Merit), Imtiyaaz Samaai (SD for Afrikaans; Merit), Ben Schaffer (SD for History; Merit), Daniel Skea (SD for Information Technology; Merit), Ryan Thompson (SD for Information Technology; Merit)

Three CertificatesLuke Altmann (SD for Geography; Alf Morris Prize for Geography; Merit), Mikaeel Bassadien (SD for English and Afrikaans; Merit), Thomas Faustmann (SD for English and Information Technology; Merit), Wesley Grenfell (SD for English; Subject Prize for Mathematical Literacy; Merit), Luke Hubbard (SD for English and EGD; Merit), Finn Massari (SD for History and Information Technology; Merit), Justin O’Connor (SD for EDG and Information Technology; Merit), Daanyaal Pearce (SD for Economics and `information Technology; Merit), Yaseen Samodien (SD for English and Geography; Merit), Malcolm Scarrott (SD for English and Information Technology; Merit), Dillon Sibanda (SD for English and Life Sciences; Merit)

Four CertificatesJosh Biddlecombe (SD for EGD, Information Technology and Physical Sciences; Merit), Reece Brice (SD for EGD, Life Sciences and Visual Arts; Merit), Matthew Harris (SD for English, Geography and History; Merit), Caleb Lawrence (SD for Information Technology, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences; Merit), Liam Manshon (SD for English, Mathematics and Information Technology; Merit), Seth Meyer (SD for English, AP English and Life Sciences; Merit), Haaroun Mohamed (SD for EGD and Visual Arts; Subject Prize for Visual Art; Merit), Phillip Mouton (SD for Afrikaans, EGD and Life Sciences; Merit), Jack Rutherford (SD for English, Geography and Visual Arts; Merit)

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WBHS Newsletter: Friday 4 October 2019


Wynberg Boys' High School newsletters are distributed to all Wynberg Families and subscribers by email #WynbergMedia

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Wynberg Campus of Schools Early Closing Term Four 2019

Thursday 3 October 2019: The Western Cape Education Department has given notice that they will use the four Wynberg schools at the end of the year. This has been ratified by the governing bodies of the four schools. The department officials will move into the high schools on 29 November and the junior schools on 1 December.

We, therefore, give notice that the schools will close for learners on the following days:

Wynberg Girls' & Boys' HIGH Schools - Tuesday 26 November 2019

Wynberg Girls' and Boys' JUNIOR Schools - Friday 29 November 2019

Please download the complete official PDF document on the link:

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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 13 October 2019

#BloodDrive101 - View the photos on Flickr

Weekly Planner

Monday 7 October08:00 Matric Grade Meeting10:00 Assembly (Vs)

Tuesday 8 October18:00 Governing Body Meeting

Wednesday 9 October12:30 School closes for Grade 8 & 11Valedictory18:00 New Parents MeetingNo school for Grade 9 & 10

Thursday 10 October

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WBHS Newsletter: Monday 30 September 2019


Wynberg Boys' High School newsletters are distributed to all Wynberg Families and subscribers by email #WynbergMedia

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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 6 October 2019

 WBHS Visual Art Department invites you to the opening of the Matric Art Exhibition 

Weekly Planner

Monday 30 SeptemberMatrics set up Art Exhibition

Tuesday 1 OctoberTerm 4 begins08:15 Assembly (Dw) 08:40 House Head Assembly10:00 Grade Assembly10:00-15:00 Blood Clinic (Library)

Wednesday 2 October10:00 Tutor Period (Matric Farewell)18:30 Matric EveningMatric Visual Art Exhibition Opening

Thursday 3 October07:45 Tutor08:00-10:30 Period 3-710:30 Break11:00-13:00 Period 8-1113:00 Break13:30 Prefect and House Captain InductionNorth/South Cricket

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Ian Melliar Cup 2019: What a Weekend of Quality Water Polo!

This year’s Ian Melliar Cup was another extremely successful one. When I was told, in my first year here as Director of Wynberg Water Polo, that it rained every tournament, I was sceptical but the warning from the event stalwarts proved true, it bucketed down on the first day of the tournament. This did not dampen the spirit of the tournament at all and the boys played through the rain, with the heated pool doing its job admirably. The tournament remained on schedule even with the wet weather for most of the day. There were many exciting polo games played throughout the early pool stages, some big clashes such as St. John's vs Rondebosch and St Andrew's vs Wynberg. With the live streaming getting under way, the games were available for all to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

Day 2 dawned warm and sunny with minimal clouds and with the sun poking through to warm players and spectators alike. The weather set the tone for what promised to be an action-packed day. The fixtures included more excellent match ups later in the evening such as Bishops vs Clifton and SACS vs Grey High. The second day was as exciting as promised and there were a few upsets which brought an extra edge to the tournament.

Day 3 is where it all got very interesting with the last of the pool games being played. It came down to goal difference in a few games but after lunch the cross-pool playoffs got underway with more unexpected results. The quarterfinals that followed were closely contested and played at a very high intensity. There were spot prizes handed out between games which was a highlight for many spectators with many amazing prizes being won.

On the last day of the tournament we started off with the placing games followed by our semifinals. All the games we played were in good spirit and at a high standard of play. One would never have said this was an U15 tournament. Most games ended in a 4-5 or 3-4 score line showing that each team gave it their all to clinch a victory in the last game of their #IMCup19.

The 3rd and 4th position games were edge of the seat stuff between St. John's and Rondebosch with St. John's starting on the backfoot and coming from behind to clench victory, ending 3rd in the tournament.

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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 15 September 2019

 Wynberg Schools' Commitment to Non-Violence, Thursday 5 September 2019

Weekly Planner

Monday 9 September Change of Timetable for Monday

07:45 - Tutor08:00-10:00 - Period 1-410:00 - Period 610:30 - Break11:15-12:45 - Period 7-912:45 - Assembly (Service Assembly)13:15 - Break13:45-14:45 - Period 10-1114:45-14:55 - Tutor

Tuesday 10 September 07:00 Safety Committee Meeting10:00 House Captain Voting

Wednesday 11 September10:00 Grade Assembly18:30 Springfield Choral Festival at Springfield

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Wynberg Boys’ Schools Commitment to Non-Violence

Wednesday 4 September 2019: As Wynberg men, we must do better. We mourn with our fellow South Africans through this time of grief and sorrow. We are committed to building a strong ethical foundation by helping our boys and young men make responsible choices and to live honourable lives. We stand with the women of South Africa and say NO MORE.

The Wynberg Campus of Schools will stand together in solidarity on Thursday and remember those who have been victims and who are suffering. #EnoughIsEnough #ItStartsWithMe #StandUp #WeWillBeThere

The gruesome news of the brutal abuse and murder of Janika Mellow, a learner at Northwood Primary in Mitchell’s Plain, a fellow school within our Circuit, has caused a groundswell of outrage and protest. A group of senior boys and staff attended Janika’s Memorial Service this morning in solidarity with her family and friends, while the Wynberg Girls’ & Boys’ High Schools have called for all students and staff to wear black on Thursday 5 September and donate as much as can be afforded toward a fund to support Janika’s family.

Grade 10 and 11 students from Wynberg Boys’ High will picket in silent protest against gender abuse outside Wynberg Girls’ High, Springfield, and Herschel from  07h00 until  08h00 on Thursday, before the four Wynberg Campus Schools hold a joint assembly to unite in single purpose to raise awareness, and commit to #ItStartsWithMe

The Wynberg School community abhors the current horrific levels of gender-based violence, and we encourage all to be part of any action that speaks out against this.

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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 8 September 2019

View the Junior and Senior Inter-House Soccer photos on Flickr

Weekly Planner

Monday 2 September 12:45 Assembly (Sun Exchange Presentation)Change of Timetable for Monday:

07:45 - Tutor08:00-10:00 - Period 1-410:00 - Period 610:30 - Break11:15-12:45 - Period 7-912:45 - Assembly13:15 - Break13:45-14:45 - Period 10-1114:45-14:55 - Tutor

Tuesday 3 September 07:00 ICT Committee MeetingArt Society meeting (E22)

Wednesday 4 September10:00 Grade Assembly

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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 1 September 2019

View the full photo collections for Hockey & Rugby vs SACS

Weekly Planner

Monday 26 August 12:30 Assembly (Ms)Senior IH Soccer9E Writing TIMMS Test

Tuesday 27 August07:00 EXCO & Finance Committee Meeting10:00 House Assembly/TutorJunior IH Soccer

Wednesday 28 August12:30 Assembly -Sun Exchange Presentation

Thursday 29 August15:00 IQMS Admin. for staff

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WBHS Newsletter: Heritage Week, Wednesday 14 August 2019

Wynberg Boys' High School newsletters are distributed to all Wynberg Families and subscribers by email #WynbergMedia

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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 25 August 2019

View the Littlewood House obstacle course photos on Flickr

Weekly Planner


Monday 19 August 

10:00 Assembly and live Raffle Draw 


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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 18 August 2019

View the soccer photos on Flickr

Weekly Planner

Monday 12 August Start of Heritage WeekEid al-Adha10:00 Assembly (Heritage Week Dw)Chess and Debating vs Old BoysSquash vs Old Boys

Tuesday 13 August07:00 Marketing and Fund-raising Meeting10:00 House Assembly/TutorSoccer vs Old BoysCross Country vs Old Boys Wednesday 14 August10:00 Assembly (En)10:00 New Teachers meet with Kelly Rugby vs Reading Blue Coat (UK) 18:30 Hockey vs Old Boys

Thursday 15 August08:00 Founders Day Rehearsal 19:00 Nussbaum Concert

Friday 16 August11:00 Founders Day07:45 Sports PhotosHockey vs SACS (A)

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Wynberg Campus of Schools Orchestral Concert, 7 August 2019

Wednesday 7 August 2019: Wynberg Boys' High School proudly presents the combined orchestral talents of the four Wynberg Campus Schools. Admission is no charge, but by ticket only, available from each of Wynberg Girls' Junior & High, and Wynberg Boys' Junior and High Schools.

The performance in the WBHS Clegg Hall begins at 19h00, with light refreshments to the sounds of the WGJS marimbas in the Fish Bowl from 18h15.

For more info, or to secure tickets, please email WBHS Vice-Principal of Culture, Mr Julian Taylor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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