Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Music Details

Music is offered to all learners, offering a curriculum that is broad and interesting, including elements such as jazz, contemporary music, improvisation, composition and arrangement, ensemble playing, world and South African music, as well as Western classical music.

Creative outlets such as music allow learners to express themselves, and teach them to communicate through various mediums. We seek to teach learners how to apply knowledge of music in creation, performance, and an appreciation of music, apply creative problem-solving through performance, composition and analysis of musical works and we further promote artistic expression through a variety of musical styles, ultimately creating an environment where student’s love for music is stimulated and encouraged.

A Word from the Head of Music

Mr Richard Haigh

Music is the art of organising sounds and silence – expressing intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of human experience. Music is an art form that can be combined with others,
and often enhanced by technology. It can communicate a broad range of historical, cultural and socio-economic ideas and issues. Music has the power to unite groups and to
mobilise community involvement for the improvement of quality of life, social healing, and affirmation of human dignity.

When taking music as a subject the student will:

  • Develop performing skills to demonstrate an understanding of musical elements, style, interpretation and expression;
  • Develop composing skills, imagination and foster creativity;
  • Develop awareness of music technologies and their use in the creation and presentation of music;
  • Engage with and appreciation of the diverse heritage and history of music in order to promote personal, social, intellectual and cultural development;
  • Learn to work with others as music requires teamwork as part of an ensemble, band or orchestra.