Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

Albert Einstein

Mathematics Details

Our department is dedicated to helping boys develop an appreciation and understanding of the profound relevance of mathematics in the many spheres of life. Equipping boys with a through understanding of the foundations of mathematics, our Department is committed to helping boys realize their full potential in mathematics. We offer afternoon programmes for talented junior leaners to extend themselves through an enrichment program and we also offer specialised support to struggling learners.

Mathematics enables boys to approach problems with confidence and allows them to discover methods that work for them, equipping them with techniques, knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for self-fulfilment and growth.

Students are encouraged to participate in our annual inter-school mathematics competitions.

A Word from the Head of Mathematics

Mrs Geraldine van der Westhuizen

It is compulsory for all students at Wynberg Boys’ High School to take Mathematics, an essential subject for those who plan to pursue tertiary studies in fields such as
engineering and the sciences, financial and commercial degrees, and other courses requiring a mathematical foundation. The course includes topics such as Euclidean Geometry
and Probability – new, exciting additions our South African syllabus. At Grade 8 and 9 level, Mathematics is more demanding than many students (and their parents) realise, but the amount of effort put into Mathematics during high school will have a profound influence beyond Grade 12.

Wynberg is fortunate to have a well-qualified, experienced and dedicated Mathematics Department. Opportunities exist beyond the core syllabus for boys to participate in Olympiads, the UCT Mathematics Competition and various inter-school events, talks and competitions. Wynberg offers the IEB Advanced Programme Mathematics at Grade 12 for capable and committed learners keen to extend their knowledge and skills in the subject. This is very useful for those continuing with Mathematics at Tertiary level.

Support Mathematics

One of the 8th subject electives Grade 9 boys are able to choose for their Grade 10 year is Maths Support. In these lessons current syllabus work is taught, but where there are clear areas of missing skills from previous grades, these are revisited in order for the students to move forward. Although the emphasis is on helping and the environment more relaxed, these sessions are taken as seriously as any other class. The onus is placed on the students working with the teacher facilitating the process, whether in groups or individually to build student confidence in tackling problems when it comes to formal assessments.