Life Orientation

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


Life Orientation Details

Life Orientation promotes the values, attitudes and skills all our boys need to succeed in life. One of the four core subjects taught at Wynberg Boys’ High School, it seeks to facilitate the holistic development of all our learners. The skills learned in Life Orientation contribute to improved self-esteem, help our students cultivate interpersonal skills and teach them how to promote and show respect for cultural diversity and healthy lifestyles. Our courses are structured around the following core themes; personal growth and development, relationships, spiritual development and beliefs, rights and responsibilities, life and decision making skills, career and other opportunities, health promotion, human movement and physical activity.

This subject provides the opportunity for discussion and critical thinking about important life issues. It allows for the use of multiple intelligences and provides the opportunity for all boys to excel.

A Word from the Head of Life Orientation

Mr Estian Van der Merwe (Grade 12)
Mrs Roxane Groenewald (Grades 8 - 11)

Life Orientation is one of the four fundamental subjects offered during the FET phase. It is a continuation of the foundation laid down in Grades 8 and 9 and is one of the more challenging learning areas that looks at our boys’ holistic development. We look at positive development where the boys will be engaging in lifelong skills, values, attitudes, and the knowledge to enable them to use these tools to make informed decisions.

The subject comprises focus areas: Life Skills, Physical Education, Health Education, Religion Education, World of Work, Human Rights Education, and Personal Development. All of which combine to realise the involvement of all boys in holistic learning as a lifelong experience aimed at contributing to an improved self esteem, cultivating interpersonal skills, showing respect for cultural diversity and promoting healthy lifestyles.