We are not makers of history. We are made by history.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

History Details

With consistently high achieving students, our History Department is a proud member of the academics team here at Wynberg Boys’ High School. We take pride in our multifaceted approach which teaches historical developments taking into account and responding to developments as they occur in our society, allowing the teaching of history at Wynberg to be a dynamic, ever changing experience.

Teaching strategies include group discussions, class debates and oral presentations. Source interpretation, analysis of evidence, assessment of bias, working with visual as well as written and oral sources, constructing logical arguments and using computer technology are skills central to history. These skills are of value in a wide range of occupations, especially in politics, journalism and law.

We pride ourselves on teaching skills rather than facts, equipping our boys with the ability to thinking critically, analyze and develop their decision making skills. Historical thinking helps to develop a concerned awareness of the problems we face in the modern world. These will prove to be invaluable skills as our boys move forward with their lives.

A Word from the Head of History

Mr Marcus Melck

“Study the past if you would define the future” – Confucius. History is tailor-made for any individual with an insatiable desire for an understanding of modern-day local and global current affairs and politics. Those who love to travel, to read Time Magazine and National Geographic, to watch 24-hour news channels and to engage in fireside debates will find History richly rewarding as topics ranging from the state of the nation to the on-going crises in the Middle East, and the influence of the US President on global affairs receive in-depth analysis, discussion and focus. History is, in essence, the proverbial thinking man’s subject and will enable young men to assume an informed role within ever evolving contemporary society.

History should not be overlooked by boys considering a business-orientated career either. The 21st century is characterised by business deals with an endless array of countries and cultures; the revised curriculum has been specifically tailored with the global economy in mind and provides an attractive balance to commerce and science-dominated senior certificates. The study of History has evolved to test one’s ability to foster argument – and counter-argument – through a well-developed knowledge of past and current local and global affairs.