Geography is a knowledge which is necessary to the well-understanding of the history of nations, as well as their situations relative to each other.

William Playfair

Geography Details

The study of Geography equips young people to understand and react in a constructive and positive way to world issues such as water shortages, power failures, global warming, clouds of volcanic dust, weather extremes, floods, droughts and landslides. We try to reinforce what is learnt in the classroom by visiting places of geographical interest and doing fun, practical activities. Our aim is to make the varied subject of Geography relevant, exciting and enjoyable.

The central aim of the Geography Department is to make the study of Geography worthwhile and relevant to the students. Geography creates a platform from which students are able to interpret, analyse and understand relationships which happens in their everyday lives. Geography is linked to the natural phenomena occurring worldwide and provides students with the knowledge and understanding to reason why natural disasters and climatic changes occur.

Geography is evident in everyday life and is a stepping stone for further studies in Biography, Climatology, Environmental Management, Urban Geography, Climate change issues, Land degradation, Conservation, Disaster risk management and Geomorphology.

A Word from the Head of Geography

Mr Josh Bassett

The study of Geography provides a student with useful knowledge and a variety of skills which can help him formulate opinions on many issues affecting modern society. Besides learning valuable information regarding geographical processes that shape the world around us, students also acquire a number of useful skills including data analysis, research and problem-solving techniques, map work skills, and the ability to interpret various geographical understandings of the world.