Engineering Graphics & Design

Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.

Scott Adams

EGD Details

Engineering Graphics and Design provides learners with the tools and techniques used to create and communicate complex concepts or components through technical drawing. Technical drawings are used in multiple industries to quickly convey important information to relevant parties, a skill vital in today’s fast paced and technically challenging work environments.

Our classes provide learners with the techniques to listen, read and digest complex tasks and information, critically review and then report relevant information through the medium of technical drawings. This will enable them to reason independently and critically through the use of mathematical and written language.

Engineering Graphics and Design does not only give students the skills necessary to do well in their further education, but it also serves as a bridge between high school technology and University Engineering. Many engineering students from various Universities and colleges have stated that Engineering Graphics and Design helped them do well in their first years of engineering. Engineering Graphics and Design is a refined subject, one where concentration and attention to detail are apparent and one which pushes students to their limits. With these characteristics, along with the a good deal of patience, a student would succeed in not only the subject but also his future endeavours as a student who studies Engineering and Graphics Design is far more equipped, determined and resolute in his future studies.

A Word from the Head of EGD

Mr Stefan Potgieter

Engineering Graphics and Design is a combination of lines, symbols and signs used to render services and design processes and systems that contribute towards economic growth and enhanced quality of life. This subject encourages and enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills, teaching the basic knowledge and skills to be able to communicate graphically in the technical, architectural and engineering world.

Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD) teaches internationally acknowledged principles that have both academic and technical applications. The emphasis in EGD is on teaching specific basic knowledge and various drawing techniques and skills so that the EGD learners will be able to interpret and produce drawings within the contexts of Mechanical Technology, Civil Technology and Electrical Technology. Designers use drawings when developing ideas. Well-prepared engineering drawings are used to communicate with manufacturers of components and devices. These drawings describe products and include instructions about manufacturing, assembly and operation.

While we encourage all students with an interest in design to consider the subject, it is important to note that EGD is a lot of work requiring the student to be deadline focussed, organised and detail-orientated.