Next Events

Monday 20 March – School Holiday

Wynberg Rugby Festival

Tuesday 21 March – Human Rights Day

14B, 16B and 2nd XV Rugby vs Windhoek

Wednesday 22 March – School Hours 07:40 – 14:35

Please remember to bring Easter Eggs for the Charity Drive

07:40 Tutor
10:00 House Assembly

Thursday 23 March – School Hours 07:40 – 14:35

Ramadan Begins

07:40 Tutor
Test Period (Grades 8 and 9)
10:00 Assembly (VS)

Test Period

Grade 9 Music JPA (AMC)
Bring instrument and a copy of your music for the marker: Reading Test

Grade 8 Reading Test

Friday 24 March – School Hours 07:40 – 12:35

07:40 Grades 10 – 12 Test Period

2nd XI Hockey Festival at Milnerton High

Test Period

Grade 12 LO (PET)

  • Form of Assessment: Physical Education and Training (PET) – Beep Test
  • What to wear? Sports kit and running shoes/takkies
  • Where to meet? Silverhurst Field A

Grade 11 Music GMK – Musical Theatre:

  • In General: Pages 56 to 62 of the textbook
  • My Fair Lady: Pages 63 to 65 of the textbook
  • West Side Story: Pages 66 to 70 of the textbook and the extra notes from the Bennett Book

Grade 10 Economics

  • Intro to Economics
  • Basic Economic Problem
  • National Accounts
  • Circular Flow
  • Business Cycles
  • Production Possibility

Grade 10 Electronics

  • OHS
  • Basic Principles
  • Power Sources

Grade 10 Construction

Saturday 25 March

2nd XI Hockey Festival at Milnerton High

Sunday 26 March

2nd XI Hockey Festival at Milnerton High

The School Shop will be open from 14h00 – 15h00.
For more info please email Mrs Sandra Monk, Shop Manager:

All the info onlineAnnual Golf Day fundraiser – Westlake Golf Club

WBHS annual Golf Day will be held at Westlake Golf Club. Two tee start from 11h20 until 13h08.

Please get in touch with Mrs Michelle Harley at for more info to reserve a four-ball or be involved in sponsorship for this popular event.