Heritage Week 21 - 26 August 2023

Welcome to Wynberg

Building a Passion for Learning Together Since 1841

Our proud history, rich in tradition, has established us as a leading South African academic institution. Wynberg Boys’ High School is a school of incredible opportunity, passionate about producing learners who are able to take their place proudly in society.

The Four Pillars of Wynberg





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Life at Wynberg

Wynberg Boys’ High School is one of the oldest and most prestigious boys’ schools in the country. Throughout its history Wynberg has been one of the leading schools in South Africa and it continues to provide a stimulating all-round education, coupled with academic excellence.

Wynberg is a modern, forward thinking school, passionate about progress and embracing new opportunities within teaching and learning. Tradition forms a key part of our schools philosophy, but it is our willingness to innovate which has allowed us to thrive for almost two centuries.

Offering an excellent range of sports and activities programmes, we enable our boys to identify and develop their own skills and strengths within a supportive environment.

WBHS Foundation Of Knowledge

A Foundation of Knowledge

Our four pillars of Academics, Sports, Culture and Service shape the Wynberg experience. Our commitment to exceptional education is manifest in the holistic experience received by learners at Wynberg. By providing a wide range of opportunities for learners both inside and outside of the classroom learners are able to develop their own skills and capabilities within a structured and supportive environment.

Becoming a Wynberg Man

Men of Wynberg are proudly South African, and supportive of their brothers in the endless chain. Committed to our constitution, they support the right of everyone to dignity, equality and education. They are proud of their school and uphold its traditions and values, wearing the uniform with honor. They understand that respect is key, and carry this with them throughout their lives.

WBHS Men Of Wynberg

We are passionate about providing exceptional education, both today and for centuries to come. To continue our traditions and to build the base for future achievements, we look to our community for significant support in this endeavour. Find out how you can make a difference.

Our Old Boys’ Union offers alumni a chance to remain involved with the school and maintain contact with their ‘brothers in an endless chain’. The Old Boys’ Union facilitates class reunions, events, and manages the Bill Bowden Pavilion on the School’s behalf. Update your details with us to keep informed of news and any upcoming Old Boys’ events.

Our volunteer-run shop operates during term time. The Wynberg School Shop is our in-school outlet for uniforms,  sports kit, WBHS Merchandise, and supporters’ clothing and collectibles for the Wynberg Family and Old Boys.