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For more information on Club 175, contact Jeanette Muller at WBHS (office hours) 021 797 4247 ext 132 or email

Wynberg Boys' High School Club 175

Wynberg Boys’ High School Club 175

Our congratulations to our monthly winners! Thank you for your continued support!

August 2016

1st: Josie Heynes
2nd: Keith Richardson
3rd: Chris Merrington
Attendance prize of R3000 carried over.

July 2016

1st: Lynette Almano
2nd: Chris Merrington
3rd: Ian Egan-Fowler
Attendance prize of R2500 carried over.

June 2016

1st: Barry Jessop
2nd: Doug James
3rd: Timothy Wichman
Attendance prize of R2000 carried over.

May 2016

1st: Dave Holgate
2nd: Debbie Griffiths
3rd: Ian Egan-Fowler
Attendance prize of R1500 carried over.

April 2016

1st: Jan de Waal
2nd: Neville Aremband
3rd: Clinton Radford
Attendance prize of R1000 carried over.

March 2016

1st: Doug James
2nd: Wynberg Old Boys’ Union
3rd: Ilene Grace
Attendance prize of R500 carried over.

February 2016

1st: Steven Furnish
2nd: Timothy Wichman
3rd: Thomas Witte
Attendance prize: Jeanette Muller

January 2016

1st: Ian Egan-Fowler
2nd: Janet Hodgkins
3rd: Ian Melliar
Attendance prize: David Holgate
Special Golf Prize – 4 Ball at Arabella: Carol Maasch

December 2015

1st: Carol Ramsay
2nd: Ilene Grace
3rd: Tim Wichman
4th: Alice Cudworth
Attendance prize of R500 carried over to the January Draw

November 2015

1st: Jeremy McLaughlin
2nd: Niels Verburg
3rd: Jan de Waal
4th: C Swart
Attendance prize of R500 carried over to the December Draw

October 2015

1st: Carol Maasch
2nd: Josie Heynes
3rd: Brandon Moult
4th: Jan de Waal
Attendance prize of R500 carried over to the November Draw
Special Golf Prize – 4 Ball at Arabella: Wynberg Old Boys’ Union

September 2015

1st: Alice Cudworth
2nd: Timothy Wichman
3rd: Errol Martin
4th: Gary Walsh
Attendance prize of R500 carried over to the October Draw
Special Golf Prize – 4 Ball at Arabella: Dave Holgate

August 2015

1st: Charisa Balman
2nd: Carol Barnard
3rd: Ian Melliar
4th: Debbie Griffiths
Attendance prize of R500: Rene Timm
Special Golf Prize: Errol Martin

July 2015

1st: Carol Maasch
2nd: Debbie Hiebner
3rd: Debby Wood
4th: Mickey Lumb
Attendance prize of R1000 (R500 carry over plus R500 for July): Roland Rudd

June 2015

1st: Wynberg Parents’ Hockey Committee
2nd: Peter Scott
3rd: Janet Hodkin
4th: Alice Cudworth

May 2015

1st: Carol Ramsay
2nd: Neil Gardner
3rd: Dean Moult
4th: Juliet Pastoor

April 2015

1st: Stradford Canning
2nd: Charlotte Swart
3rd: Dean Moult
4th: Damian Gibbs

March 2015

1st: Gary Mulder
2nd: Niels Verburg
3rd: Ian Wigley
4th: Fritz Bing

February 2015

1st: Ian Egan-Fowler
2nd: Doug James
3rd: Dave Holgate
4th: M Gready

January 2015

1st: Niels Verberg
2nd: Darren Breed
3rd: Gary Blakey
4th: Eroll Martin

December 2014

1st: Ilene Grace
2nd: Mrs Gready
3rd: Catherine Kelly
4th: Jaques Hattingh

November 2014

1st: Jeremy McLaughlin
2nd: Josie Heynes
3rd: Marion Gready
4th: Rene Timm

October 2014

1st: Chris Merrington
2nd: Alice Cudworth
3rd: Muller Family
4th: Barry Jessop

September 2014

1st: Debbie Hiebner
2nd: Finch Family
3rd: Balman Family
4th: Timothy Wichman

August 2014

1st: Douglas James
2nd: Jeff Sternslow
3rd: Ian Melliar
4th: Kim Sproul

July 2014

1st: Brandon Moult
2nd: Lynn Arendse
3rd: Damian Gibbs
4th: Ian Melliar

June 2014

1st: Gavin Bell
2nd: Catherine Kelly
3rd: Balman Family
4th: Sharon Bing

May 2014

1st: Clinton and Wendy Radford
2nd:  Ian Wigley
3rd:  Muller Family
4th: Niels Verburg

April 2014

1st: Kim Sproul
2nd: Catherine Kelly
3rd: Grant and Cheryl Thorburn
4th: Jacques Hattingh

March 2014

1st: Kathy Cassells
2nd: Dale Engelbrecht
3rd: Debbie Hiebner
4th: Dave and Robyn Scholtz

February 2014

1st: Errol Martin
2nd: Janet Hodkin
3rd: Lynn Tolsma
4th: Kathy van der Westhuizen

2016 is the year Wynberg Boys’ High School turns 175 years old and in line with this significant milestone, we have launched Club 175.

175 people each contribute R175 per month via stop order or EFT until 1 December 2016, renewable annually.  The Club is open to anyone to join.

All monies raised will be used to fund the budget for the School’s 175th  celebrations in 2016.

In return for your monthly R175, you become one of 175 people eligible for a share of the R5 000 prize money given away each month, broken down as follows:

1st Prize – R2500

2nd prize – R1250

3rd prize – R750

Attendance Prize – R500

The winners of the 1st, 2nd & ,3rd prizes need not be present at the draw.  However you are only eligible for the Attendance Prize if you are present at the draw. Should the winner not be present, the prize will roll-over to the following month. The draw will take place on the last Thursday of the month at the Bill Bowden Pavilion, unless otherwise notified to members electronically.

The following payment options are available;

  • Monthly EFT of R175 for a period of 1 year, with an option to renew annually.
  • Stop Order of R175 per month for a period of 1 year, with an option to renew annually. You will need to set this up on your electronic banking



Standard Bank


Acc No 276180534

Ref:  Club 175 and your surname

Monies received will be paid into the Supera Moras Trust for full auditability.

Contact Jeanette Muller, Wynberg Marketing:


jmuller(@) (remove parentheses)

Or click here for a PDF registration form