“Rather than look down to see your roots so that you can remember them, look up to see the foliage and the fruit that your roots have fed.”

- Guy Bowden RCL Prefect 2014






Mr R Inglis


Guy Bowden

Deputy Chairman

Jamie Penn


Riaz Orrie

Project Manager

Lutho Kulati

Head of Representatives

Sisipho Fongoqa

Head of Communication

Daanyaal Effendi

E13 on Thursdays at 1st break

“Solutions Delivery” ¬†- RCL 2014

The Representative Council of Learners or RCL is the only committee required by law and aimed at acting as a mediator between students, staff and the Governing Body. At the same time we are here to voice the opinions of the students of Wynberg Boys’ High School.

2014 will be the 20th anniversary of our democratic country. To be able to have a student representative body is a privilege. The RCL of 2014 will strive to empower learners, but at the same time encourage the power of education, humility and courage.

Sadly, in recent years the support for the RCL has declined as many students believe that not much goes on in the RCL portfolio. The reason for this is that we have tried again and again to bring the school to the RCL by offering the boys a choice to become involved, as opposed to involving them from the start. This year will be different, however, as we plan to bring the RCL to the school. The RCL of 2014 plans to restore the faith of the students in the RCL and leave this school with one expectation: make this school great, not for yourself, not for now but for decades to come so that you do not have to look back to see your legacy.

  • To build towards delivering successful and innovative solutions to problems.
  • To make the RCL a more approachable representative body.
  • To bring the RCL to the school by implementing and refining systems to reach more people more effectively.
  • To publish an RCL voice every two terms.
  • To host RCL assemblies whereat the school body will get a chance to voice their ideas.
  • To ensure that members of the RCL lead by example by upholding “The Wynberg Way”.
  • To resolve grievances and do our best to put forward proposals.
  • To keep the school informed about the status of projects and the subject matter of R.C.L meetings.
  • To maintain the notice board and RCL page on the school’s website.