Wynberg Boys' High School Wellington House

Insignia of Wellington House

The military tent on a blue background forms one of four quadrants of the school’s badge and represents the military camp on Wynberg Hill which was first used in 1809 and continues to operate as a military base. The military symbolism is appropriate for Wellington House, given that it is named after Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, an acclaimed military general who was instrumental in defeating Napoleon Bonaparte and who went on to become the prime Minister of Britain in 1828.

House Head

Mr Cliff Hull – chull(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)


Mr C Moore – cmoore(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

Mrs J de Mink – jdemink(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

Mr M Galant – mogamatg(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

Mr R Smith

House Prefect

Kristopher Kruger

House Venue