Wynberg Boys' High School Rhodes House

Insignia of Rhodes House

Although Rhodes House takes its name from the British empire-builder, mining magnate, benefactor and one-time Premier of the Cape Colony, Mr Cecil John Rhodes, its badge bears no reference to him at all.

The Rhodes House badge is one of the four quadrants making up the school’s badge and comprises a vine and three fleur de lys on a red background. The vines symbolize the wine industry (dating back to the 1600s), and the fleur de lys represent the contribution to that industry by the French Huguenots who arrived in the Cape in 1668. It is unclear when or why the background colour was changed from the original green to red.

House Head

Mr R van Niekerk – rvanniekerk(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)


Mr J Biggs – jbiggs(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

Mr S Hewett – shewett(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

Mrs J Wilson  – jwilson(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

Mr M Melck – mmelck(@)wbhs.org.za (remove parentheses)

House Prefect

Simon du Toit

House Committee

Hugh Rodseth- Sport, Alex Fitchet – Academics, Timothy Davids – Service, Sean Cheney – Culture, Darren van Heerden – Scribe