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Insignia & History of De Waal House

De Waal is one of the school’s original four houses, and has the anchor on a yellow background as its symbol. The anchor, which makes up one of the four quadrants of the school’s badge, symbolises hope and is associated with the figure of Hope which first appeared on the Coat of Arms of the Cape Colony and is still a feature of the arms of Cape Town. The House takes its name from Sir N. F. de Waal, who served two successive terms as Colonial Secretary of the Cape Colony and was reappointed for a third time in 1920.

De Waal House: Leadership 2016
House Head:

Mrs Geraldine van der Westhuizen – gwesthuizen(@) (remove parentheses)


Mr Brian Botha – brianb(@) (remove parentheses)

Mrs Mandy Colman – mcolman(@) (remove parentheses)

Ms Laura Diedericks – ldiedericks(@) (remove parentheses)

House Prefect:

Tim Gertzen

House Committee:

Head of Academics: Ilyaas Manan

Head of Culture: Daniel Prevost

Head of Discipline: Kallen Lentz

Head of Service:  Jonan Bowers

Head of Sport: Che February

Head of Communications: Reece Thomas

House Meetings:

Venue: D31

Usually on Wednesdays at 12h30 (not every Wednesday)

Committee meetings: Monday at 13h00 in C13