WYNCON Leadership Conference 2017

WYNCOM Leadership Conference 2017
On the 21st of August 2017, Wynberg Boys’ High School hosted the first, of hopefully many, WYNCON Leadership Conferences. The leadership conference was aimed at developing leaders within our local community and to provide some sort of guidance so that they may implement their skills and furthermore teach those around them. 
The conference consisted of four talks, two interactive activity sessions and some entertainment.

WynCon 2017

WynCon 2017: Riaz Orrie

Before the conference started, the honorary representatives from the various schools that attended were welcomed with the melodious music from the WGHS Senior Marimba Band, which really lifted the ambiance on such a cold and rainy day. The conference was officiated by Riaz Orrie and Chloe Johnson, who gave a warm welcome to all of the guests and students present.

The first speaker of evening was a young girl, Aasiyah Bailey, who is currently a Grade 4 students at WGJS. The idea behind having Aasiyah as a guest speaker was to emphasize that great leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Aasiyah did not fail in giving an amazing and very eloquent speech that was really inspirational for all of the older teenagers that attend the leadership conference.

The first activity was a discussion and team work activity in which students had to discuss aspects that created an ideal school in their eyes. The most reoccurring aspect was the idea of ‘inclusivity’ among the students by breaking social, cultural and racial barriers.

WynCon 2017

Mika Schubert with delegates from WGHS

The second speaker, Justin Schonegevel, a member of Rotary South Africa spoke to the students about the ’20 qualities of a great leader’. This was very interesting and insightful into the world of leadership and it encouraged students to work on their current qualities.
The talk was followed by an interval, in which the students partook in some light snacks in the fish bowl accompanied by some musical entertainment and some dancing.

The third speaker was a Wynberg Old Boy, Ryall Connor, who matriculated at the end of 2012. Ryall’s talk was focused on addressing the various obstacles and challenges that a leader may face and how they should work to overcome these challenges. The talk was very interactive and consisted of a lot of opinions from the students.

The last speaker of the evening, Mr Julian Taylor, facilitated and presented his talk on the four DISCS of leadership and how people’s personalities are better suited for certain jobs and how to deal and work with new people. This is was really important as many students were able to evaluate themselves for the first time and the WBHS students were able to reflect and see how their results from the test in the past had differed.

Overall, the event was highly successful and received great feedback from the schools that attended. The future of the WYNCON leadership conferences is looking very bright and will definitely contribute to the grooming development of new leaders.

Report: Riaz Orrie