Wynberg’s Inter-Schools History Quiz, 31 July 2014

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Wynberg Boys' High School: Inter-Schools History QuizWynberg launched its inaugural inter-schools’ History quiz on Thursday, 31 July 2014 and took great delight in hosting 18 five-member teams representing 12 different schools from the Western Cape to a fun-filled and spirited event in the Clegg Hall.

The boys and girls were challenged – and entertained – care of a thought-provoking, 10-round barrage of history-specific questions and themes by quiz-master, Eric Lefson, who had a number of those in attendance floored when asked to give  Joseph Ratzinger’s considerably more well-known current name  (Pope Benedict XVI); the battle that won the combatants a record 11 Victoria Crosses (Rorke’s Drift) and that the ‘Long Tom’ was, in fact, a cannon. Team Westerford ultimately emerged victorious with a very impressive return of 81/100. The host school impressed too: its Grade 11 and 12 teams taking silver and bronze respectively. The Ladies’ Association ensured that all present enjoyed plentiful drinks and snacks throughout the evening.

It is hoped that the quiz evening will become an established and annual event uniting like-minded schools, colleagues and learners whilst at the same time espousing the many positives and benefits that the subject of History has to offer.

Mr Shaun Hewett: Head of History