Wynberg’s Health Tuck Shop Commitment

Feedem and the Health Tuck Shop Project

Friday 4 August 2017:  A healthy eating initiative has been launched by WBHS together with our friends at Feedem, the company behind almost all school catering. The project target – improve the nutritional value of the food available for the boys to buy.

The school tuck shop snack and meal options for our boys will undergo a gradual but drastic change in what is available for the boys to eat. The selection of what to buy will shift more towards healthy meal options rather than snack options packed with, sugar, preservatives and unnecessary ingredients.

We believe in the well-rounded education of our boys, with good nutrition, and an appreciation of  the importance of good nutrition, a firm part of that. The value of a healthy balanced diet is of utmost importance for the boys’ ability to sustain concentration, and perform in both the classroom and on the sports field.

Mr Craig Childs