Wynberg Supports Red Sock Friday

Wynberg Boys' High School Red Sock Friday

The Story Behind the Socks

Two young friends decided to explore the World. When it came time for one of them to return home, they decided they needed something to represent their friendship, the memories they had made and their shared passion for adventures to come.

They remembered a story that had been told – a story of courage and friendship that moved and inspired them to begin a new journey together, no matter where their separate paths may lead them.

The story belonged to Sidney Feinson, a South African war veteran. Feinson joined the army in 1941. He was captured during the Battle of Tobruk, along with 97 other South African soldiers, and sent to a prison camp in Italy. After 12 months imprisonment, Feinson and two friends managed to escape with the help of an Italian woman and a priest.

Feinson and his friends decided to make a pact to commemorate lost friends, those who didn’t manage to escape, and those who died in battle – they would wear red socks every Friday as a symbol of friendship, unity and remembrance.

It is this story of brotherhood and human connection that initiated the Red Sock Friday movement – an International phenomenon dedicated to fostering the same spirit Feinson and his friends grew as a tribute to their friends and the journey they all shared.

So take the opportunity to don the red socks and join the likes of Richard Levi, Bob Skinstad, Desmond Tutu, Ryan ten Doeschate, Ryan Sandes, Justin Reid-Ross, Andrew Cronje, Messrs Jan de Waal & Keith Richardson and many more.

Red Socks means something different to everyone but in simple terms the dream is to spread positive energy across the World and connect as many like-minded people, and in doing so support positive movements.

Contact Mr Warren Grobler  to support Red Sock Friday – R50 per pair. The money raised by the sale of socks goes to a host of charity organizations supported by Red Sock Friday. Sales of red socks at WBHS has raised over R8000 in the last 2 years.

Adapted from source – allthingsjabu.co.za