Wynberg Presents: A Maths Experience

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On Wednesday the 13th of February the Maths Department hosted its annual Maths Experience, aimed at top learners in grades 10, 11 and 12. About 150 learners and teachers from various schools attended the event. The evening began with Anthony Selley’s presentation, entitled “Maths and Learning Today” in which he discussed the practical application of mathematics in various fields. He encouraged learners to pursue their dreams and take advantage of the opportunities they have for learning, especially by building on the vast bank of existing knowledge that is accessible to us through media such as the Internet. Julian Taylor delivered a presentation entitled “Mathematics: The Language of the Universe” in which he discussed various interesting aspects of mathematics, including “I”, group theory and Zeno’s paradox. Neil Eddy concluded the event with his presentation, entitled “Using Mathematics to Find a Date”. He entertained the audience with a discussion of the historical development of our calendar, before presenting a series of mathematical hints for wooing a potential mate.