Wynberg 175: The Wynberg Tartan

Wynberg Boys' High School Tartan

The detail of Wynberg’s new Tartan; click the image to read the history of our pipe band


To celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the School, Wynberg Boys’ High will be staging a number of commemorative events that will involve present and past pupils, parents, teaching staff and the wider community. Early amongst these is the launch of its own signature tartan.

Colours long used in the school’s iconic badge and uniform have been taken and laid down in muted form – to engender a greater sense of refinement, as befits the status, image and ethos of the School – with deference to John McNaughton, first headmaster in 1841.

“There is a certain historic significance to the School taking on this project,” said Headmaster, Jan De Waal. “A school such as this is an ever-changing entity. We felt that it was right to salute the legacy left by past pupils and staff by creating something relative that will endure well into the future. This tartan is now part of the visual identity of the School and celebrates what has gone before and what is yet to be.”

The Tartan will first be worn by the school’s newly formed pipe band in their striking kilts when they lead a parade of Wynberg Boys’ High pupils through Wynberg on Monday 1 February.

Designed by local kilt maker and tartan expert, Will Carter, from an initial briefing by popular retired headmaster, Keith Richardson, this unique tartan is in the process of being recorded with the Register of Scottish Tartans to protect its exclusive patterning and right of use.

Will said that one of the fascinating elements he was able to build into this striking tartan is that there are exactly 175 threads between the centres of each sett on the weft of the cloth. “This supports the integrity and legitimacy of the design and its value in a commemorative context,” he said.

The cloth was woven by Scotland’s largest tartan mill and arrived in South Africa the day before Christmas last year.