Wynberg 175: The Bronze Frieze

Wynberg Boys' High School 175 Bronze Frieze

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The idea of a 175 bronze frieze began two years ago with the Art Society under the leadership of Cassie Robbertze, a passionate sculptor himself. Cassie spearheaded the project by contacting Jean Doyle a Cape Town sculptor of international repute, for advice with his work. Ms Doyle’s connection with Wynberg goes back a long way with her son Anton Doyle attending Wynberg, her grandson (Anton’s son) is currently a pupil at Wynberg Boys’ High. It was through this contact that the idea of a Frieze was born. The idea was put to us that the frieze would be executed by a team of Wynberg men who would be tutored and guided by Ms Doyle.  She has given generously offered to give of her extremely valuable time and supply the materials.

With the brief ‘make it Wynberg’ from Mr Richardson the hard work began.  The visual art teachers Mrs Colman and Ms Diedericks selected a team consisting of 3 Grade 12 pupils – Jason Adams, Kino Hogan and Andrew Jones, 2 Grade 11 pupils – Cassie Robbertze and David Bressick and a Grade 10 pupil Ryan Gedult. This privileged team of young men have given many hours of their time – sacrificing precious break time, weekends and coming in regularly during the December/January Holiday to complete the relief which encapsulates the four pillars of Wynberg. The process is a long and complicated one, the last stage before this work is hung in the foyer is the pouring at Ms Doyles’ Diep river foundry. It is fitting that this artwork will hang in the foyer.