Wynberg 175: Littlewood Boarding House Reunion

Wynberg Boys' School 175 Littlewood House Reunion

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Wynberg 175 Launch Week: Littlewood Boarding House Reunion, Friday 5 February 2016

Littlewood Old Boys came ‘home’ to Littlewood House in a celebration of Wynberg’s 175th anniversary year to be greeted by the garden festooned with bunting and Wynberg 175 Flags, a bedouin tent covering the hospitality area on the lawns and a five star evening meal served in the traditional boarders’ fashion – self-service through the kitchens in the old dining room.

With tours around the hostel conducted by current Littlewood Men, Old Boys were taken on a trip down memory lane from mid-afternoon and treated to tea and cake with former WBHS Headmaster, Mr Keith Richardson. For those who arrived in early evening, refreshments on the lawns provided by the Parents’ Organising Committee and the Hostel Staff provided some relief from the summer heat and, under the tents to the sound of ‘old school retro music’, old friends soon grouped to catch up and reminisce.

Name tags provided some relief for those who, not having aged at all since school days, struggled to recall the faces of their friends who had … stories abounded and were transferred to the dining room at the traditional ringing of the supper bell, where Old Boys across generations stood and proudly related stories to raucous laughter that they’d kept ‘well-hidden’ from the housemasters of their day.

Fueled by the culinary skills of Feedem Pitseng, from the Hostel’s own kitchen (with many compliments on the ‘improvement in hostel food since we were here’ ), the party moved outdoors again to continue late into the night.

The much-repeated refrain throughout the evening was ‘as much as Littlewood has changed, so it remains the same home-from-home I remember so well’ – to all the Littlewood Men who managed to attend, from the lone matric of 1947, Col Lionel Crook (rtd) to the head of 2015’s WBHS Sound Crew, Dylan Edwards and our endless chain of brothers who’ve formed the ‘backbone of the school’: a resounding thank you!

Till we meet again, Fermememtum Ludi you’ll remain.

A special thank you to all the donations toward the evening, the solid planning by the reunion and parents’ committees and the staff of Littlewood House for their care, warmth and professionalism in looking after our boarders, then and now.

Chris Merrington