Wynberg 175: Grade 8 Challenge & the History of the School Bell

Wynberg Boys' High School: HMS Crozier - School Bell
The Grade 8 Challenge 2016

The first week at High School is a major adjustment for any boy, and for the young Wynberg Men who arrived from various primary schools on Tuesday 12 January 2016, the changes would have seemed quite overwhelming: new surroundings, new “house uniform”, “strange” teachers and a “Matric Buddy” of their very own. And to cap it all, Wynberg 175 excitement was everywhere to be felt.

Grade 8 Head, Mrs Wentworth, ably assisted by her Grade 8 Prefect, James Dawson, had the new boys’ first week well planned: Wynberg orientation, inter-house sports, introduction to staff and tutor groups, classroom identification, first lessons, the presentation to each one of the Wynberg commemorative 175 tie … and then the Grade 8 Challenge to wrap up this first week of school:

Friday 15 January: throughout the afternoon on rotation within their house groups the Grade 8s were taken on a tour of the Wynberg Campus by Headmaster, Mr Jan de Waal, a “treasure hunt” with the Prefects, team building (raft making in the school pool) with Mr Eddy and a fitness challenge under the sharp eyes of Messrs. Van Schalkwyk & Murison. And throughout the afternoon the Grade 8s had to complete a 50 point questionnaire to show their grasp of their surroundings, Wynberg History, people and personalities.

Time out was called after 18h00 when the braai fires were lit, the traditional waterslide laid out (using water from the natural spring on the Hawthornden Field!) and teenage fun let loose under the watchful eye of Staff, Prefects and Matric Buddies.

Saturday 16 January: camping out on the Hawthornden Field overnight to face a 4.30 a.m. wake-up call for breakfast, the Grade 8s face the biggest part of their “Challenge”, the “De Villiers Hike”: guided by the Matrics and the Staff the new intake head up “our” mountain to the beacon. Hiking in house colours and groups the 2016 Grade 8s will experience the school motto “Supera Moras” (Never Give Up) as they bond together in a well-travelled Wynberg tradition to return to School to ring the school bell, symbolically “ringing in” the start of their High School careers in a ceremony that mirrors the ringing of the final bell by the Matrics at their Valedictory Service.

Republished below, from the 1956 School Magazine, is a Grade 12’s submission on the history of Wynberg’s School Bell:


Wynberg Boys' High School: HMS Crozier - School Bell

Illustration to original article by Jeremy Townley Johnson 8B (Grade 10)

H.M.S. Crozier was being built at Renfrew on the Clyde as a twin-screw minesweeper at the end of the First World War when construction was stopped, and later the vessel was re-designed and completed as a Hydrographic Survey vessel. She was named “Crozier” after Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier (1796-1848). He was a former Hydrographer of the British Navy who commanded “The Fury”, a discovery vessel. He made three trips to the Arctic with Capt. W. E. Parry between 1821-1827, and finally lost his life with Sir J. Franklin, when captain and crew of the “Erebus” perished in search of the North-West Passage.

On completion in 1919, the vessel was placed in reserve by the Admiralty until 1922, when she was loaned to the South African Government. The “Crozier” arrived at Simonstown during January, 1923, and was commissioned in September of that year as “His Majesty’s South African Ship Protea.”

The “Protea” was employed on surveys of the South African coast until 1933, when she was returned to the Admiralty, who disposed of her by sale at Simonstown.

The new owners operated her as a pleasure steamer for a short period before they sold ber to a British company, who later sold her to the Spanish Government.

The vessel was ultimately bombed and sunk, believed by German bombers, during tbe Spanish Civil War. She was in Alicante Harbour at the time. “Protea” was 234 feet in length. Tonnage 790. Horse Power 2,200. Speed 16 1/2 knots. The crew numbered 86.

N Bryant 10C [Grade 12]