Women’s Day 2017: Celebrating our Women of Wynberg

SA Women's Day 2017

SA Women march to the Union Buildings, 9 August 1956

Women’s Day has been celebrated on 9 August since 1995 to commemorate the march by about 20 000 South African women to the Union Buildings in 1956. It recognises the important and significant role that activism by women played during the struggle for liberation. – from www.gov.za

Wednesday 9 August 2017: It is this strength and unity of spirit, hitherto unheard of in our country, that continues to resonate throughout society – Wynberg Boys’ High School, steeped in tradition but passionate about progress, honours these leaders from our past, and celebrates our Women of Wynberg today for the committed role they play in the development of our boys into solid citizens, and their leadership within our school:

· Our mothers, carers, and the women in each of our extended families who nurture and support our boys.

· Mothers of our brothers who will join us in grade 8 next year with new energies and drive.

· The mothers who commit themselves quietly and enthusiastically to our Ladies’ Association, ever present at Wynberg events.

· Mothers, sisters, and friends in the tuck shops and kitchens at all our sporting events, ensuring the nutritional energy necessary for our young champs.

· Our ‘Old Boy Moms’ who continue to offer help, services, and support to the bustling life of our school.

· The volunteer ‘Ladies with Lenses’ who capture the life of our school on camera, and contribute so much to our media channels.

· The women of Feedem, our catering company, who literally ‘fuel’ our boys daily.

· Ladies of Littlewood Boarding House, ‘The Backbone of Wynberg’, who add the ‘Heart’ to our home-from-home – kitchen, admin, and parents’ committee.

· The women who have served, and continued to serve, on our Governing Body or in advisory roles, bringing their specialised skills to our school.

· Wynberg’s support and admin staff, from campus maintenance to financial control and essential pastoral support, administration and communications.

· Last but not least, our incredible teaching staff who epitomise the anonymous quote: “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Women of Wynberg (WOW): please remain seated as we Wynberg Gentlemen stand and applaud you.

Supera Moras

Wynberg Media: #WomensDay2017
Applauding our Women of Wynberg #WOW

Applauding our Women of Wynberg #WOW