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“Proudly, yet humbly and deeply conscious of the honour bestowed upon me”, I write my first newsletter as the fourteenth Headmaster of Wynberg Boys High School. It is an honour to follow in the footsteps of the former Headmasters, the last four of whom I have had the pleasure of teaching alongside. This is like a homecoming to me as it was here that I started my teaching career in 1979, served on the staff through the eighties and nineties, and was a parent in the 2000s.
I see my role not only as a custodian of the fine traditions of this great school that have been built up over many generations, but also as a director of its course towards the future. The success of any school is mediated by a delicate balance of the relationships between all its stakeholders: those who are the focus of our current efforts – the present student body; those who facilitate the learning – the educators; those who play a vital supporting role – the parents; and those who have blazed the trail – the Old Boys. And so I address each of you in turn.
Young men, your most impressionable years will be spent at Wynberg. This school provides an environment for you to develop, pursue your passions and find your niche both here and later in broader society but ultimately it remains your task to grasp and exploit every opportunity you are given.
At Wynberg we are “brothers in an endless chain”, and it is incumbent on you, to ensure that you become strong links in this chain. Your happiness, successes and achievements are our most compelling advertisement, making the school attractive to the next generation of pupils.
The successes of Wynberg in the four pillars of academics, sport, culture and service over recent years can be attributed in no small measure to a dedicated and committed staff who are on top of their game. It is your passion, labour and encouragement that enables the boys to achieve, and I look forward to partnering with this formidable team in future endeavours. I encourage the teaching team to continue devoting their energies towards surpassing past academic results and reach for new heights. The fast-paced competition of the times, however, means that educators need to stay abreast of cutting-edge educational strategies, skills and technology in order to continue to deliver a relevant world-class education. To this end I intend to allocate significant funding to afford the staff such opportunities. Learning is, after all, a lifelong pursuit.
One only has to attend a function, a theatrical performance or sports match at Wynberg to appreciate what involved parents we have. While many schools struggle to get parental support, we are overwhelmed by eager parents who willingly contribute time, effort and resources wherever and whenever their help is required. I consider myself fortunate indeed to lead a school that has the solid backing of its parent body, and welcome and value your support. This school is as much yours as it is your son’s. Education is a collaborative work of art so join us in guiding him on his journey through high school.


In this Wynberg’s 175th year, nowhere will the reach of the school’s influence be more evident than in the return of several generations of alumni to join in the celebrations.
Wynberg men are proud, passionate, tenacious and supportive of each other and this school is fortunate to have an active and supportive Old Boys’ Union. Many of the wonderful facilities we enjoy on our campus are the legacy of generous Old Boys. The Old Boys’ continual support remains a vibrant and vital part of the school. I will continue to foster the good relations between the school, and the Old Boys and encourage all those leaving the school to remain involved and to emulate the example of the Old Boys of giving back to their alma mater. A wonderful illustration of this is the recent establishment of the Supera Moras Trust, aimed at ensuring a financially sustainable future. This is an inspired initiative of the Old Boys and one which has my full support.
Old Boys frequently return wanting make a contribution to the school because, having graduated from school, they now realize the value and privilege they were afforded by being part of Wynberg.
I worked alongside Mr Richardson as the Head of a feeder school and admire what Wynberg has become under his leadership. Wynberg is not only an endless chain of brothers but also an endless chain of committed Heads, staff, parents and Old Boys who provide the constant structure that continues the history and traditions of this proud institution.


I place great value on innovation and change and envision taking this school forward on a journey of continued improvement. In my time at this school I intent to significantly improve the academic standards of all students, in all grades and in all subjects. I envisage a student body who are creators, inventors, thinkers and entrepreneurs. I see the increased use of relevant technology in both teaching and learning and the transformation of traditional classrooms into interactive, vibrant learning spaces.
Through education and practical on-campus interventions I intend to promote an awareness amongst the student body of the environmental challenges facing our planet and fostering moral environmental awareness.
I encourage you all to partner with me as we continue the legacy of striving for excellence in education at Wynberg.
Supera Moras – makes us one!
Kind regards




It is surprising how many times in a normal school day that a tablet or electronic device is found unattended – often in a classroom where a boy has forgotten
it, or on the field where a boy has left it during break. These are usually handed in and boys collect them from the office within a day or two. However it has
come to our notice that in the returning of tablets a number of mistakes have been made with the wrong tablet being returned to a boy or a boy sending a
friend to collect the tablet for him, and so on.
To prevent further complications we have instituted a return tablet policy in order to protect boys. If a tablet is handed in to any teacher or at the office, that
tablet can only be reclaimed if the boy or parent can provide proof of purchase and the serial number of the device. Parents are requested to keep such
information handy in case their son requires it at short notice.





Compulsory maths – A reminder to all boys who scored less than 40% in mathematics last year that the compulsory revision sessions start on Monday 25th Jan.

Grade 8 MPL selections will be made through Moodle – these are academic goals that boys work towards through the term. They allow boys operating at all levels to challenge themselves and to aim for academic improvement. If a boy reaches his goal he will get certain privileges – his buddy should be able to explain to him how the process works.

Growth Mindset – A highly renowned US psychologist called Carol Dweck has been researching how students learn for over two decades. She formulated the idea of a ‘growth mindset’ that is taking hold in leading edge schools around the world and we strongly believe in what it has to offer. If you would like to find out more please follow the link: http://mindsetonline.com/whatisit/about/ Here at Wynberg we will be exploring her ideas as part of our academic development.


Paarl Athletics: Next Friday the 29th we travel out to Paarl to take part in the annual Paarl Athletics. It is a compulsory event for all grade 8’s and their Matric Buddies. The rest of the School will be encouraged to go along. We will depart directly after school at 14h40. The boys will travel in semi-lux Paarl Rock busses and will return after the event at roughly around 23h00. Please be prompt in collecting your sons and arrive at 22h30 latest. Please stay in communication with your sons as to their estimated time of arrival from Paarl. The cost of a bus ticket is R20 and the boys pay this directly to their House Prefect.

175 Double Wicket Cricket at Newlands: On Sunday the 31st is our Double Wicket Cricket at Newlands. The entire school will be encouraged to bring their family and friends along. Tickets are for sale in the school foyer at R20 a ticket. It will be a fun filled day out where we play host to a number of traditional rivals. I hope to see you all there with your family and friends.

Sports Day: On Monday the 1st of February we have our Sports Day. Sports day will start at 14h30 and end at 19h00. Please join us for Sports Day and watch the boys compete for the title of Sports Day Champion.

Littlewood Reunion: On Friday the 5th of February Old Boys will be joining us from all over the world to visit their old Boarding School. A reminder to parents that this is an OUT WEEKEND. Those boys who are unable to stay out for the weekend are welcome to remain at Littlewood. I would however like to encourage all boys to make alternate arrangements where possible. Our Grade 11 and 12 boys will be working on the evening taking Old Boys on Tours around the hostel and acting as chaperones.



Bring a picnic or enjoy the food and refreshments on sale at PPC Newlands Cricket Ground on Sunday 31 January! Sit wherever you like and cheer on our First Cricket Team and Old Boys as they take on teams from SACS, Rondebosch, Paarl Boys, Paul Roos, Bishops, Newlands Cricket School and Grey PE!
In this Double Wicket Cricket tournament, the games are quick and start from 09h00 with the final at 16h30.
With comedian, Dalin Oliver, as MC and with KFM broadcasting from the Grounds, there’ll be entertainment and music between games throughout the day.
Old Boys of the participating schools have access to the prestigious Members’ Club and its hospitality facilities.
Entry is R20 and tickets are available at www.ticketpros.co.za or at Newlands on the day. For more info and the order of play, google “Double Wicket Cricket Newlands” online or email 175@wbhs.org.za.


Wynberg’s Concert Bands create music that make hearts sing! At this special collaboration between the Junior School, High School and exceptionally talented Old Boys, everyone is invited to enjoy an hour of fabulous music by our talented musicians. Entry is free, space is limited and booking is essential!
If you’d like to bring your music-loving family and friends to The Concert Band Boutique Evening on Wednesday, 3 Feb at 7pm, please reserve your seats soon at 175@wbhs.org.za .
As you all are already aware, on Monday 1 February, we will officially be opening our 175 celebrations with a parade through Wynberg and a ceremony on the Hawthornden Field. We would like the whole Wynberg family to be part of this day and we would like to extend an invitation to all parents to be spectators along the route or to attend the Opening Ceremony.
Below is a brief summary of the day’s events with approximate times:
O9h00 A short ceremony at Waterloo Grove across the road from Glebe Cottage. Address by Dr Helen Robinson, a historian.
09h15 Walk in parade formation to WBJS.
09h30 Assemble in front of WBJS with backs to the fields. Address by Mr Cedric Poleman (WBJS Headmaster)
09h45 Walk through WGJS to the Oxford Street entrance of WBJS.
10h00 Assemble in the WBJS quad. Address by Tony Stewart (Old Boy and teacher at WBJS)
10h30 Boys form up in Houses in Fairseat Lane and Littlewood Car Park
10h45 Boys walk in Houses to the Memorial Gates.
10h55 House flags are lowered as Houses walk through the Memorial Gates with bagpipes playing
11h05 Boys take up their positions for the Opening Ceremony
11.20 Parachutist arrives with the 175 Flag
11.25 175 Opening Ceremony
11.50 School song
11.55 All parents, staff and invited guests to the Fish Bowl for tea
Parking will be available on the Jacques Kallis Oval during the morning, but you are to please enter from the Alexander Road entrance.
A map of the route will be available on the website next week.

Fun Facts From Yesteryear
…as told in our annual School Magazines over the years

An excerpt from the U13A/B Rugby report in 1975: “It took almost half the season for the boys to establish that rugby was a more than social occasion, that their opponents generally meant business, and it took three-quarters of the season for them to realise that tackling was of supreme importance.”

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