Weekly Newsletter 13 – 20 January 2012

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Every boy is entitled to a cell phone safe – free of charge – in which he may store his valuables. He must sign for a key and he is entitled to that safe for the duration of his school career. If he loses the key, it must be replaced at a cost of R50.

Unless a teacher gives warning that he wants the boys to use a cell phone in class for educational purposes, no boy may use a cell phone during school time. This includes breaks. Boys who take a chance will face the consequences of losing their phone (and sim card) for three months.

If a boy needs to use his phone for an emergency during the day that is perfectly acceptable – provided that he asks a teacher for permission to take it out of his cell phone locker.

The use – or more correctly abuse – of cell phones by teenagers is well documented. The school’s cell phone policy is clearly set out on Page 64 of the school diary.



A baboon popped into Wynberg on Tuesday afternoon and clearly felt at home. From the stands on the Hawthornden field, he had a good view of cricket, tennis and basketball practices. Eventually, having picked up the necessary sporting tips, he casually sauntered off to his mountain haunts.

His arrival prompted one Grade 11 boy to say: “Wynberg is accepting anyone these days….”



Understandably we have started off the year swamped by phone calls and emails. House Heads are reporting a tsunami of enquiries – most of which could be answered by the boys.

We are serious about being known as a school which ‘believes in boys’. We believe that they must stand on their own two feet. We believe that they must find out for themselves where they should be, by when.

An example of this are the daily SMS’s which are sent home informing parents if their son’s have not done their homework. Please do NOT phone the school when these arrive home, but challenge your son on it. Do NOT accept his assurance that it was sent to you in error. If, however, there has been an error – then make HIM sort it out. He will learn more that way.

This is, of course, for mundane issues. Always feel free to contact the school on major issues. If you feel our website is not giving you enough information, please let us know. Your son, the website and the School Communicator are our main forms of communication with parents. While we are working at the reliability of your son (it is work in progress….), we do want to make the webpage and communicator as efficient and informative as we can.



There were four cricket matches played against Paarl Gym last weekend. The 15As, 2nd and 3rd team all won their matches while the 1st team drew. The highlights of the day were the 134 not out by David Bedingham and 71 not out by the captain, Taahir Samaai, for the 1st XI, while Nicholas Scott took 5/23 for the 2nd XI and Dylan Matthews took 6/14 for the 15As. The 1st XI also beat Churchie from Australia in a 50 over game on Sunday with Quintin Dreyer scoring 61.

Our first Waterpolo team played their first game of the season after training hard during the holidays. They played against Auckland Grammar from New Zealand and the result was an 8-8 draw. The 2nd team beat Auckland 15-6.




Our annual Interhouse Sports Day takes place on Wednesday next week. It will start at 15h00 and the prize giving afterwards should be finished by 19h30.

Parents are most welcome to come and support their sons. Boys may leave their blazers at home on Wednesday. During the event athletes are expected to wear house shirts and blue Wynberg shorts. Boys WHO are not participating must wear summer uniform without their blazers. The programme of events and times is on the website.



Our newest additions to the Wynberg Family – the Grade 8’s of 2012, spent the first two weeks of term completing their induction programme.

All the boys cut their holidays short and came in a day early. This day was spent going over the many aspects of school life and the boys were given an opportunity to meet those who would be teaching and guiding them through the next five years at Wynberg.

After the first two days of school for the new Grade 8’s, it was time for the “Grade 8 Challenge” where all the boys camped out on the campus. Unfortunately due to the weather, we had to move indoors and sleep in the hall, but this in no way affected the spirit and energy levels of the boys. Many exciting activities were planned ranging from Team Building where the boys had to design a raft, to Initiative Exercises where the boys had to use a little alternative thinking to achieve a goal. Mr Richardson then took all the boys on a “Historic Walk” giving the history of Wynberg and surrounds.

The culmination of the camp was the “De Villiers to De Villiers” mountain hike, which saw the boys conquer Nursery Ravine on the Saturday. With a wonderful day forecast weather wise, many of the boys were bleary eyed at 05:00 in the morning as not much sleep was had by all. The hike went smoothly with all 184 boys completing the hike with the spirit and passion. The Wynberg Brand clearly shone through in everything the boys did and I look forward to this continuing throughout the year.

After all the boys (eventually) passed their ‘Newboy Test’, the final part of their induction programme was the Blazer Ceremony where all the boys were officially inducted into the Wynberg family by their Matric Buddies and in front of an audience of their parents. It is now a pleasure to see all the boys with smiles on their faces walking down the corridors with their newly gained blazers, clearly proud to be wearing the Wynberg badge.

It is through an induction programme like this that we hope to establish and grow the fundamental relationships, which will be essential for a happy and successful Wynberg career.

We welcome them and their parents into the Wynberg Family.




On Thursday, the 19th of January, Wynberg Boys’ High School had the privilege to host 4 countries partaking in annual World Schools Debating Championship of 2012.

Some of our Grade 9, 11 and 12 boys as well as all debaters (who had a Wynberg Pass!) took off a few periods to listen to the Netherlands in action against Romania and the Philippines taking on Kuwait. After lunch Round 2 started where the Netherlands took on the Philippines and Kuwait and Romania went head to head. It was clear that only the best speakers of each country were invited to this competition as the debate was of a very high standard. The boys enjoyed it and have certainly gained a new found respect for the art of debating in general. It was truly a day to remember.




In the next few weeks, signage will be going up indicating the one-way system through the Campus. For the record, we are asking parents to adhere to the following requests:

• Entrance to the Campus is through the Herschel Walk entrance. Parents may exist from this entrance as well.
• The S bend passed the Alf Morris operates away from the mountain.
• Aletta Walk is for exit only. The gate will be shut for the majority of the day but opens automatically for cars wanting to exit.
• The Oval Gate for traffic except for major sporting events. However, the swivel gate is open for pedestrian traffic before and after school.
• The ‘top’ parking lot in front of the school is for teachers and for parents who have appointments etc. Parents are requested not to drop or collect their sons from this parking lot.
• Reminder that no schoolboy who has a driving licence may drive on campus. Motorbikes may be parked in the top parking lot and cars (and motorbikes) at Silverhurst (the Aletta Walk gate is open before school and they may drive through this to park in Aletta Walk or Silverhurst).



On Thursday night all Matrics and their Parents were given a clear path forward for the year ahead by Mr van Winkel (Grade 12 Head), the Headmaster,
Mr Eddy (Director of Academics) and Mrs Annette Miller, (Career Guidance Counsellor). One statistic which was brought up by Mr Eddy is that the 2012 Matrics achieved more Batchelor Passes in their Grade 11 November exams than the class of 2010 did. That class went on to achieve the Wynberg record of 88% Batchelor Passes in the final Matric exams. The pressure for the 2012 matrics is on!

Mrs Miller chatted about life after matric. She emphasized how important it was to study further and to acquire knowledge and expertise which would enable them to have the competence to undertake any career. She was scathing about ‘Gap Years’ where people just sat around and ‘chilled’ so much that they couldn’t be thawed!


Quote of the Week

 “When you walk out of this hall, remember that you are now a Man, not just any Man, but a Wynberg Man.  For now you are holding up the reputation of this school and are carrying on 171 years of pride and tradition.”

 Mouton Joubert, Grade 8 Prefect, addressing Parents and Pupils at today’s Blazer Ceremony