Weekly Newsletter 04 – 11 December 2015

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On Tuesday the boys had their chance to say farewell to Mr Richardson. The assembly started with Mr Richardson and Mr De Waal handing out the 175 Tie to all the boys. Every boy in the school who had ordered a tie, had the opportunity to come on to the stage and was presented with his 175 Tie. The boys were extremely excited and immediately put on their new ties.
A number of staff then had the opportunity to say a few words from the stage. Most of them shared a funny moment involving Mr Richardson and then went on to share what they felt Mr Richardson had meant to them, to the school and many of his innitiatives and achievements were mentioned. The boys then had an opportunity to ask Mr Richardson any questions which were answered in true Mr Richardson –style as if he knew the questions before the time. Dian Fourie, the Deputy Head Boy then announced that a big boulder was going to be placed in the front of the school to commemorate Mr Richardson’s time at Wynberg. The inscription on the boulder will read:

In honour of the 13th Headmaster
of Wynberg Boys’ High School,
Keith Charles Richardson
1975-1978, 1985-2015.
A visionary Leader
of integrity and courage
whose care and zeal
immeasurably enriched Wynberg,
transforming it into a
proudly South African School

The school then sung their best rendition of “I vow to thee my country”, a firm favourite of Mr Richardson. And finally the pipe band played as Mr Richardson left the stage and walked out through the centre of the hall.



On Thursday 3 December was the annual Social Sports Day with Wynberg Girls’. The various activities were offered on both campuses and the event seemed to be enjoyed by both the boys and the girls. On our campus, we had waterpolo, volleyball, tennis and chess operating, while hockey and netball were offered at the astro and at WGHS.



Another thing that had to be fitted into these last few days of school was a rehearsal of the events that will be taking place on Monday 1 February. This day will be the official opening of the 175 Year. The day will begin with the school walking down to Waterloo Grove opposite Glebe Cottage, where our school first started. We will be joined by the junior school and will walk through the grounds of WBJS and WGJS where our school was once situated. There will be a short ceremony at both Glebe Cottage and at WBJS. From there the boys will walk back up to the high school entering through the memorial gates. The boys will then be seated on the embankment of the Hawthornden Field, while some will be seated in the 175 formation on the field for a short opening ceremony. This ceremony will officially open the 175 Year. On Friday 4 December we had a short rehearsal of the final stage of this walk and of the ceremony on the field. We will certainly have to spend more time preparing the boys for this early in the new year.



On Friday 4 December the Inter House Relays and Paarl Trials took place. The weather played along and the boys were treated to an actioned packed morning. We also used the event to identify possible athletes for our Paarl Athletics meeting in our 175th year. The results for the Inter House event was as follows:

Relays: 1 Li         Tug of War: 1 Dv
2 We                                           2 Mn
3 Dw                                           3 Li
4 Vr                                            4 Dw
5 Mn                                           5 We
6 Dv                                            6 Lo
7 Rh                                             7 Vr
8 Lo                                            8 Rh



On Sunday 6 December the annual Carol Service was held once again at St John’s Anglican church. Despite the sweltering heat, the church was filled to capacity.
What a wonderful way to start the festive season- The choirs from all four schools performed magnificently and the congregation enjoyed singing many popular, traditional carols.
Thank you to all the boys who participated and a special thank you to Mr Botha who played the organ- The Halleluiah chorus at the very end, sung by all four schools, was particularly uplifting.




The House Days become better organised and more popular each year as the prefects in charge try to improve on what was done the previous year. The House Days took place on Monday 7 December with all the houses choosing to do very different activities. It is certainly a day that has become integral to the ethos of Wynberg and I would like to commend the House Committees and Prefects for the effort that they put into making this day a very enjoyable one for the members of their house. Here is a short summary of what each house did:

De Waal Picnic, hike and other activities at Groot Constantia
De Villiers Sporting Activities and a braai at Wynberg Boys’ High School
Littlewood Helped clean up the Wynberg Night Shelter, did an Amazing Race and had a braai
Lorie Various activities around campus, including breakfast, a braai, improv classes and a
great day with DARG
McNaughton Played bubble soccer on campus and had a braai
Rhodes Visited Simonstown Naval Base
Van Riebeeck Longboarding and blokarting at Muizenberg Beach
Wellington Spent the day on Clifton 4th Beach



On Tuesday 8 December was our annual Inter-House Cultural Day. We made a slight change this year by introducing Inter-house Lip Syncing to the programme rather than Inter-house Singing which will move to June next year and will become a much bigger evening event.
The day started with the Inter-house Adverts where each house was given a topic and 30 mins to prepare an advert on the topic. The event was won by Rhodes House with De Villiers and McNaughton taking up second and third position
The new event, the Lip Syncing proved to be very successful and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the boys. It managed to get a number of boys on to the stage who wouldn’t usually have been brave enough to sing or to act. But clearly we have some very talented boys when it comes to dancing or performing to music. Rhodes and Littlewood were in second and third position, but the event was dominated by Lorie who did a tribute to Mr Richardson.
A number of boys stayed behind after school on Tuesday to participate in the Inter-house Trivial Pursuit event. Each house entered a junior and senior team of 8 boys. It turned out to be a fun-filled, but exciting event in that it went right down to the death, but eventually Wellington and Littlewood could not be separated and shared the top spot.



This year saw 113 Grade 10’s embark on the Grade 10 Challenge into the Cederberg Mountains. The boys carried all of their own food, clothes and cooking equipment. Each day would come with new challenges. Long steep uphill’s, hot weather, strange food, Bully Beef tins and rubbish bags to name a few.

For all of the boys the challenge was physical. For some it was mental in knowing they had to walk only as fast as the slowest member of the group. It pushed boys out of their comfort zones and gave them a new appreciation for what they had left behind at home. Many a time I heard them comment that all they wanted was their bed or their mom’s food.

The boys showed a great level of discipline in the way that they conducted themselves. They looked after their own cooking and cleaning without a fuss. The gentleman in charge of the Cederberg Cape Nature Reserve said that the school can be proud of the boys as while in base camp every boy greeted him as any Wynberg Man should. Should we ever expect any less? We were privileged enough to see some awesome scenery while hiking. From Maltese Cross below the majestic Sneeu Kop mountain to the Wolfberg Arch and many a wonderful sunset.

Thanks must go out to parents for affording their sons this experience. Thanks also goes out to the school for making this trip possible and to School Expeditions for their brilliant support and organisation. New friendships were made and old ones strengthened. New mountains were climbed and old fears conquered. May we see the fruits of this Challenge in years to come.




For the past ten days over a dozen Wynberg staff have been off campus marking thousands of matric scripts – Afrikaans, Economics, English, History, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Visual Arts. As a result of the recent student riots many of the University and Technology Universities became unavailable as marking centres and last minute venue changes occurred. Our staff have been marking, in blistering hot temperatures, in venues from UCT to Kuils River.

The marking process is sound and generally the people marking are professionals who know their subjects well and are able to discern well enough to make good judgements. Most teachers will come back to Wynberg with greater understanding of the exam process and what to look out for in their teaching of their subject at matric level for the next few years. The informal gathering over lunch and tea with other teachers also provides opportunities to glean valuable teaching tips and to get a feel of what other schools are doing.



Quote of the Week:

‘I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.’

Quoted by Mr Richardson at the end of his final assembly


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