WBHS Weekly Newsletter 8 – 15 March 2013

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Boys will be able to buy purple ribbons for 5 Rand, from Monday 18th March, which may be worn on blazers till the end of term.
All funds will go directly to Rape Crisis.



The highly anticipated inter-house plays took place in the school hall on the 11th and 12th March. Four houses presented their plays on each night and both evenings were most entertaining, with junior boys playing the main parts. The plays were well chosen and well directed by senior boys, with very little input from adults. A big thank you to Mrs Wilson who organised this event. Results of the competition will be announced at assembly on Monday 18th March.

Awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting actor, Best Newcomer and Best Cameo will be announced at the final Awards Ceremony on the 28th March.




Our Cricket teams mostly played Pinelands on the weekend with all the teams winning their matches. The two individual highlights of the week were Kyle Pluke who took 8 for 18 for the 14A Team and Matthew Tarr who scored 87 in a T20 for the 5th team. Our 15As have advanced to the semifinals of the U15 KO Cup.

Our 1st Waterpolo Team unfortunately lost in the semifinals of the Mazinter Cup to SACS. This is the second time this year that they have lost to SACS in a semifinal of a tournament. Our A teams all had a bye on the weekend, but our other teams all took part in tournaments competing against the co-ed school’s A teams. The 14Bs came third in their tournament, the 14Cs came 6th, 15Cs came 6th, 15Bs 2nd, the 6th team came 5th, the 5th team came 2nd , 4th team 7th, 3rd team came 5th and the 2nd team won their tournament. It was great to see our lower teams getting to play about five matches each in these tournaments.

Our Tennis team advanced to the semifinals of the Tennis league, but unfortunately lost to SACS in a very tight fought game. They now play this Friday for 3rd and 4th place in the WP. This is still a good result for a young team.

On Tuesday afternoon the Senior Interhouse Waterpolo, Cricket and Tennis was held. Wellington beat Van Riebeeck in the final of the Tennis as well as the Cricket, while Littlewood beat Van Riebeeck in the Waterpolo final.

A number of our boys took part in the Argus Cycle Tour on Sunday. Caleb Schultz finished in the best time of 3.09, while Daniyal Matthews won the U14 age group, Nicholas James did 4.50, Daiyaan Edwards 5 hours and Paul Featherstone in 5.45, but lost much time helping a female rider who had fallen. Well done, Paul!

Sean Bradley participated in the World Junior Golf Champs in George on the weekend and came 10th overall. He managed to feature on Supersport Blitz. He was selected to the WP U23 Team.



The remaining televised slots for our 2013 Cricket Superskills Day are as follows:

Let’s Play 2013         Episode 365        15-Mar-13           13:50 14:00        SS2/SS2A/CSN            Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 365        15-Mar-13           18:45 18:55         SS4                                     Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366         16-Mar-13          16:40 16:50        SS5/SS5A/SS5N           Premier
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 365         16-Mar-13          22:50 23:00       SSL                                     Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366          17-Mar-13        15:45 15:55         SSL                                      Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366          18-Mar-13        01:50 02:00        SSL                                     Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366          18-Mar-13        12:15 12:25          SS6/SS6A                         Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366          19-Mar-13        10:50 11:00         SSL                                      Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366           19-Mar-13       16:05 16:15          SS6/SS6A                         Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366           20-Mar-13      00:50 01:00        SS7/SS7N                         Repeat
Let’s Play 2013         Episode 366           20-Mar-13      16:50 17:00          SS5/SS5A/SS5N           Repeat



Once again we are collecting Easter Eggs for children who are from disadvantaged and informal communities. We appeal to each boy to bring at least one Easter egg for this worthy cause. Small Easter Eggs are best. Please label contributions with the name of the House & Tutor. All eggs are to please be delivered by Tuesday 26th March at 10 o’clock to tutors or to Miss Lindsay. Thank you to families who have already responded to this appeal.



Quote of the Week

We like to pride ourselves as being Wynberg men, but how can we call ourselves men when we live in a society where woman statistically stand a better chance of being raped than of going to school and learning how to read?

Service Prefect, Cody MacGregor, to the school assembly last Friday


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