WBHS Weekly Newsletter 27 September – 3 October 2014

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During the next week the grade 12s should me making full use of their time to revise the mountain of work they need to know in order to succeed in the final exams written in October and November. This must not be seen as a holiday but rather as a study week. Now is the time to fine-tune the little things that were not fully understood earlier, to practice the things that need to become automatic, to memorize what needs to be memorized, and to try the most challenging problems available in order to be able to conquer the final exams.

To assist our matrics we have put together a holiday revision programme consisting of some revision classes in various subjects as well as a morning of revision techniques by an expert in the field. Boys who have not achieved a Bachelor’s pass in these exams are expected to be there (those boys know who they are and have been told) but all boys are invited to attend any of the sessions on offer – the boys were invited to add their names to the relevant sign-up sheets.

The programme is as follows:

DATE                                   SUBJECT                        TIME
Saturday 4/10                      Revision Techniques        09h00 – 11h30
Monday 6/10                       English                                 09h00 – 12h00
Monday 6/10                       Afrikaans                              13h00 – 16h00
Tuesday 7/10                       Maths                                    09h00 – 12h00
Tuesday 7/10                       Maths                                    13h00 – 16h00
Wednesday 8/10                 History                                  09h00 – 12h00
Wednesday 8/10                 History                                  13h00 – 16h00
Mon – Wed                           IT                                            09h00 – 12h00
Tue – Thur                           Art                                           09h30 – 11h30



Once again Wynberg Boys’ High School partnered with Living Hope for their annual Service Project.

Two Grade 8 classes were bussed out to Capricorn Park on each day from the 29 September to 2 October. The task this year was to paint the exterior of the Living Hope Centre as well as the interior and exterior of a large container at Overcome Heights and to paint a house which desperately needed attention.

By the end of the project the transformation was most rewarding! All the necessary equipment was funded by the Grade 8 Market day, held earlier in the term. The boys gained first- hand experience of the challenges facing those who live in informal settlements and we hope that they will be inspired to get involved with future Service activities. Thank you to the Grade 8 parents who worked so hard for Market day, to the boys for their enthusiastic involvement and to the teachers who accompanied groups out to Capricorn Park. Special thanks to Mrs Robbertze who photographed the boys at work on each day.




The Grade 10’s were broken up into two groups for this week in which they switched between First Aid Training, a Beach Clean-up and a LO day. They had two days of first aid training which went off very well. We now have about 160 more boys at school with their first aid level one.

They had one day of doing a Beach Clean-up on Muizenberg Beach. The first group went out on Monday. They were all addressed by John Kieser who is the sustainability Manager for Plastics South Africa. He gave them a brief explanation of why they were doing a beach clean-up and the effect it could have on the environment. They found numerous interesting things amongst the dunes. They worked really well and picked up quite a substantial amount of rubbish.

The second group went out on Wednesday. They started off much the same as the previous group also being addressed by Mr Kieser. After cleaning up all the way to the slides they turned around to take their rubbish back to where we started. I then found half of them helping out a group of fishermen hall in a large trawl net.

I let the boys all join in and it turned out to be the highlight of the week. While pulling in the net we all noticed a shark swimming around in the net. As the net was pulled in one of the fishermen went and grabbed it by the tall to pull it out of the net. It turned out to be about a 2,5m Great White. The boys all got in as close as possible to take photos. The shark eventually swam back out to see. The boys then proceeded to show interest in the rest of the catch, posing for photos with some large fish that had been pulled in.

They helped pull in one more net and then got back to cleaning. They too worked really well.

The boys learnt a great deal during the week. Hopefully, some great life lessons and skills that may save a life one day.




The Grade 11 camp was a high-intensity, incredibly valuable and fantastically enjoyable three days.

Starting bright and early on Monday morning, 160+ boys headed down to the Breede River. Taking part in all sorts of activities, including a high-ropes course and paintball, as well as, of course, paddling down the river, the two days encouraged the boys to work together and support each other throughout. The spirit and camaraderie was second to none and the boys returned on Tuesday evening tired, but with big smiles on their faces; many of them having ‘conquered’ the Breede for the first time!

Wednesday saw the boys thrown into conversations about their role as Matrics in 2015. Working with Mr Richardson, it became very clear to the boys what is expected of them next year and, for many, I think it was a very real, but exciting challenge. We were also lucky enough to have Steve Harris author of “Mastering your mind” talking to the boys on mental toughness.

Well done to all the boys and a huge vote of thanks to the organizers at Bundi adventures for putting together an exciting and safe trip for us.




On Friday 26 September, Mrs Swart and a group of boys, together with participants from neighbouring schools, attended the annual tree planting ceremony at Wynberg Park which was led by Mr Henk Egebrink. They dug holes and planted ten trees after which they were treated to a picnic, sponsored by Friends of Wynberg Park.



Early on Saturday, 27 September, about 100 gamers set up their computers in the school hall to take part in the Gaming Society LAN, which went on for the next 24 hours.

This is the second year that the event has been run, and it seems to have been even more successful than last year. All profits from the LAN will be donated to charity. Two tournaments – for the games Call of Duty and DOTA – were held during the LAN. Scores were projected live onto screens, and the competition was fierce. Well done to Alex Pickering and his team from the Gaming Society for putting it all together!




Cricket: Coca-Cola Schools’ T20 Challenge National Finals in Pretoria 3 – 5 October 2014
A 12-man Wynberg 1st XI, under the management of Eric Lefson and Jaco Stofberg, departed for Gauteng on the morning of Wednesday, 01/10/14 to represent Wynberg and the Cobras’ franchise at the Coca-Cola Schools’ T20 Challenge National Finals in Pretoria.

The six-team tournament features the following schools:
Grey College (Knights),Kingswood (Warriors) , St Stithians (Lions) , Waterkloof (Titans), Westville (Dolphins), Wynberg Boys’ High School (Cobras)

The 1st team played three warm up games and the results were as follows:
Game 1 v St Albans (20/20)
St Albans 115/4 (Mika Ekström 2/24)
WBHS 116/3 (Verreynne 60*, De Beer 22)
Won by 7 wickets
Game 2 v Garsfontein (20/20)
Garsfontein 68 (Ekstrom 3/11, Holgate 2/21, Kriel 2/18)
Wynberg 69/3(Matthews 38)
Won by 7 wickets
Game 3 v Pretoria Boys (20/20)
Wynberg 155/6 (Jordan Holgate 71)
PBHS 125/7 (Jesse Christensen 4/11)
Won by 30 runs
Friday 3 October: 09h30 – 12h30 Grey College
Friday 3 October: 14h00 – 17h00 Kingwood
Saturday 4 October: 09h30 – 12h3 St Stithians
Saturday 4 October: 14h00 – 17h00 Westville
Sunday 5 October: 09h30 – 12h30 Waterkloof
Sunday 5 October: 14h00 – 17h00 Final

We heard the disappointing news that, unlike previous years, Supersport will not be broadcasting any of the matches. We will, however, endeavour to get live scoring; photos; tour updates and end-of-day match reports posted on the Wynberg Cricket Facebook page. Please encourage friends and family to keep an eye on proceedings and messages of support will mean plenty to the boys. Follow Wynberg Cricket on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wynberg.Cricket

We have a number of other Cricket teams away on tour. The 2nd team will be playing in the Cape Schools’ Week in East London representing the Wynberg 1st XI who are away at the Nationals. I look forward to the performance of the team with many players given an opportunity to test themselves against the best. The 15A will be on tour at the Grey High Cricket Festival in PE. The 14A will be on tour at the Hilton College Cricket Festival in KZN [01/10/14-06/10/14]

Water Polo:
This past weekend the 15A team took part in the Ian Melliar Cup. The team ended 10th out of 20 teams. The 14A team took part in the RBHS tournament and eventually ended 8th out of 12. This weekend the 1st team take part in the SACS festival. Our 1st team is riddled with injuries going into the tournament, but we will be using this as an opportunity to give exposure to some of the younger players. I am appreciative of the efforts of Old Boy Nic Molyneux, an SA player in his preparation of the three A teams for the respective tournaments.

Rugby Referee Dinner:
Last night we hosted the first of its kind Rugby Referee Dinner. Guest speaker Joey Salmans and Ben Theron representing Western Province Rugby joined us for the occasion. Well done to Mike Leresche for all the work he has put into the referee society. Quinton Green was recognized as Junior Referee of the year by the Western Province Rugby Union.




To all our supporters that swiped their cards, a big thank you! For the month of August we managed to raise R8 787.57. Money the school gets for you simply remembering to swipe your My School Card at any of the vendors below. If you don’t already have WBHS loaded as your beneficiary or want to get your own card, please contact Jeanette Muller (jmuller@wbhs.org.za)


A reminder that if you want to stand a chance to win a part of the R10 000 given away each month, you simply need to sign up to Club 175. Each month you pay R175 which gives you automatic entry into the draw. Please contact Jeanette Muller (jmuller@wbhs.org.za) to sign up.



Anyone wanting to place an advert in the online magazine that is distributed to over 8000 people should please book with Jeanette Muller (jmuller@wbhs.org.za). If you are not receiving the online magazine, please let the school know and we will ensure you name is added to the distribution list.

Advertising rates are as follows;
A4 full colour, interactive advert R1000 per issue
A5 full colour, static advert R500 per issue
Business Card colour advert R250 per issue



We are appealing to parents whose boys have achieved well in something outside of normal school activities, to please forward this information with a short paragraph and a picture of your son to our online magazine editor, Pat Rogers (progers@wbhs.org.za) for inclusion in the magazine that goes out termly.


We wish all our Muslim families an Eid Mubarak for this coming weekend. We pray that your day is blessed and that all your sacrifices are accepted.


Quote of the Week


‘If you don’t read, you do not have the advantage over those who can’t read.’

Dr Steve Harris speaking to the Grade 11’s on Mental Toughness.


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